Daily Archives: March 26, 2012

Sundae Says…..I’d Be Perfect!

Hi, it’s Sundae, and I have big news today. After much contemplation, I have made a career choice. I have decided that I should become a model, and I’ve chosen a few photos to start my portfolio.

You know how they always have a fan blowing the model’s hair at a photo shoot?  My white tummy fur looks gently windblown in this picture.

And this is my “come hither” look – still with the windblown effect on my hair fur.

In this next photo, I strike a playful pose. Notice the beauty marks under my chin: one gray and one orange. Most models only have one beauty mark.

My sultry pose.

So, be honest: do you think I have a chance of making it in the big time?

I promise not to forget the folks who knew me “when”.