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Our First Experience With Murphy

Today, I’m participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. My prompt is:

5.) What was the occasion? Write about the last time you stayed in a hotel.

Although Motor Man and I technically stayed in a hotel when we went on vacation to California in January with our friends, Bev and Bill,  it was a timeshare. So it wasn’t exactly a hotel experience.

Our most recent REAL hotel stay was in December, when we went to Orlando for the Performance Racing Industry tradeshow.  We stayed at the Rosen Centre which is within easy walking distance of the Orange County Convention Center, where the tradeshow was taking place.

We made our reservations through the PRI home office a couple months in advance, and at that time, requested a room with either a queen or king bed. But when we checked into the hotel, we were told that the only available rooms had full size beds. EXCEPT for a hospitality suite room.

We didn’t really need all that entertaining space, but we knew the queen bed would be more comfortable, so we went with the hospitality room. Finding a spot for the laptop was no problem.

There was just one thing that made me a bit uneasy. THIS was the bed.

Oh, yes. It was a Murphy bed, and our first experience sleeping in one. We made lots of jokes about it. One of our friends on the trip suggested that I sleep with my cell phone, just in case the bed swallowed us. I suggested to them that they send help if Motor Man wasn’t at the show the next day; we may be trapped in the wall.

It wasn’t a bad experience. The bed was comfortable, but not having a bedside table was a little inconvenient.  “Murphy” didn’t retreat back into the wall, taking us hostage. (Those old sit-com gags stay with us forever, I guess.)

Have you ever slept in a Murphy bed? Were you apprehensive?

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