Daily Archives: March 16, 2012

Oh Deer, It’s Friday’s Fences

Several years ago, Motor Man built, at my request, a little section of fence in our side yard. (No, it isn’t crooked, although the angle of this picture makes it appear to be.)  Just to the right, you can see the deer family’s entrance/exit to the marsh. Their front door, if you will.

On Tuesday, Mama Deer and her two little ones were out grazing in our yard just before sunset. At least they were only eating grass and not munching on my pansies.

Marshall was visiting that evening, and we were amazed at how interested in us the little ones were.

 Marshall would whistle softly and they’d walk a little closer.

We definitely had their attention. They were probably within about 30 feet of us.

The one on the left was much more leery of us than his sibling was. He would run away and then quickly return. This game went on a few times, before they decided it was too dangerous to linger any longer.

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