Daily Archives: March 21, 2012

Our Extended Cat Family

Sundae has graciously agreed to forego her weekly post, so I can share some  photos of her feline “relatives”.

A couple months ago, a kitty appeared on Marshall’s doorstep. A few days later, she brought her two “adolescent” offspring. After much thought, names were chosen for the mama (Penny) and her little ones. Penny prefers not to have her picture taken, but her kittens apparently are camera hogs cats.

Meet Snugg. Snugg enjoys green grass in the sunlight.

But he also enjoys the sofa in the sunlight.

Snugg, the Sphinx.

And here’s Snugg’s sister, Chessie. At first, Chessie was very distant. But then she spent a couple of days at the vet’s office…having a little “surgery”. Now she’s very social and likes having her picture taken. She also likes drinking water from the bird bath.

Mmmm. Good to the last drop.

Thanks, Marshall for sharing your pictures.  Oh, and thanks Sundae, for forefeiting your blog time, so we could meet your “cousins”.