Sundae Says…It Was A Perfect Sunday

Happy Monday! Sundae here, with a report on what I did yesterday.

It was a super gorgeous day, so Motor Mom and Motor Man opened the windows. Mom put a chair in front of a window, so I could safely enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors.

As they usually are in the spring, the birds were busy. I watched.

And watched.

My instincts kicked in one time, and I thought about pouncing. Thankfully,  I remembered the screen and thought better of it.

I decided I’d had enough and turned my back to those silly birds. But sometimes, a kitty just can’t help herself.

Suddenly I realized my paw was in need of immediate attention.

Maybe Motor Mommy will open the window again soon. The fresh air seems to be good for my complexion.


25 responses to “Sundae Says…It Was A Perfect Sunday

  1. Hi Sundae! Looks like you really enjoyed that fresh air and sunshine (and birds who mercilessly teased you knowing you were INSIDE)! We had NO sun yesterday – I’m thinking of putting a sunlamp on my Santa Wish List this year…..sigh…..

    Love, Sammy

  2. Sundae is obviously used to your camera. I think my cat would try to eat the lens. Yours has a nice life.

  3. She’s so pretty!

  4. Can a kitty get any more photogenic? 🙂

  5. You are such a beautiful lady, Sundae! Glad you enjoyed your time in the fresh air.

  6. Sundae the first thing that I just have to say is that I can’t believe how CLEAN it is on the inside of those windows. WOW! I need to clean the tracks of our windows from all the dust and pollen around here. And then goodness, you have a lovely green view. I really like that second picture of you. Last picture too! ALL of them! It is really nice to open the windows and hear all the birds and smell the smells.Well, unless you have some cows behind you that are kind of stinkin’ depending on which way the wind is blowing. It was nice of Motor Mom to give you a comfy chair in front of that nice CLEAN window with the beautiful view! Enjoy your Monday Sundae!

  7. In the last photo, I think perhaps Sundae just may be thinking “I love my home.”

  8. Hope you get a chance for some more fresh air today, Sundae!

  9. It’s always a perfect day when Sundae makes a post with her lovely photos. 🙂

  10. Watch out for Dirty Edwards creeping around getting at those birds your watching!

  11. what a cutie!

  12. I always love a Sundae post! Stormy loves open windows, too! She loves to listen to and watch the birds…so do I, so sometimes we’re peering out the windows together and I’ve got my camera in hand. Have a fun Monday!

  13. Can beat an open window on a nice day ! One of the greatest simple things ever – mine are open right now … The last pic is nice; the fresh air invigorates 😉

  14. Glad you remembered the screen! Ha! And I loved it when you turned your back on the birds, then just had to take a look over your shoulder…so tempting….

  15. Nothing I like more than a ‘perfect’ Sunday ~ mine was super lovely as well….though I didn’t get quite as much lounging in as you, Sundae!

  16. Sometimes I forget she’s not really writing this! lol

  17. You really did have a purr-fect Sunday, Sundae. Aren’t those birds eye-catching? Very cute post, Dianna! And such a beautiful kitty.

  18. Life is certainly good at your house! Cupid loves kitty TV too. 🙂

  19. Sundae, I’m wondering, does Motor Mom know just how lucky she is to have you? You’re one special kitty!

  20. You look like a true princess sitting on that lovely maroon pillow!

  21. itsallaboutpurple

    just too cute for words!!!

  22. Sundae you are a beauty! I love your window seat.

  23. You’re a beautiful cat. (Love these shots of her “wishing”. :-))

  24. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your looking good Sundae. The fresh air agrees with you. I love spring!

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