A Barn, A Sunset, A Fence

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A few weeks ago, Motor Man and I were out for a drive in the country around the time of sunset.  I was familiar with the road, have traveled it many times over the years, but had never paid any attention to this barn.

There wasn’t any traffic on this little back road, so Motor Man stopped for me to take pictures.

While I was admiring the barn, Motor Man noticed the old feed/watering trough in the barnyard and thought that was interesting.

So, deciding whether to use these photos for Barn Charm, Friday’s Fences or Sunset Sunday was a bit difficult.

Barn Charm won.

23 responses to “A Barn, A Sunset, A Fence

  1. I have noticed that change with WordPress…caught me a few times before I remembered to always look. Once I “unchecked” it, it seems to stay that way. At least for the last few days. I love this view of the barn with the sunset…so many great things about this photo!

  2. Well I’d say the photo works for ALL three!! It’s a nice barn…..and in that first photo I love that tiny pinkish trace of the fading sun disappearing. I think WordPress (by the way) got the message on the annoying default they instituted without telling us – – – all the blogs I’ve visited this morning have no arbitrarily chosen checkmark in the comment box! YAY!

    Pam (with Sam)

  3. Nice little white barn with a charming fence and the sunset is a bonus! Love that big old tree on the right of the picture in the top shot Dianna!

  4. Finding a watering trough isn’t that usual. Great picture but then all of yours are!

  5. That first picture is so peaceful and beautiful ~ I love how you got the huge tree silhouette and open sky…all of it in one perfect shot!

  6. Papa Charles and I used to climb the hay bales lined up against the feeding trough. We would then dump them into a V-shaped slatted trough in the morning. The boards were as smooth as baby’s skin from the cows rubbing up against them to get hay.

  7. that’s such a beautiful and peaceful setting!

  8. winsomebella

    You have a knack for capturing peace and beauty…..which I appreciate 🙂

  9. That is such a gorgeous setting. It looks so peaceful! Nice when you can take one photo that spans three memes!

  10. i get that a lot between barnage and fencery. 🙂

    it took me a few days to remember to unclick that dang box on my wordpress blogs that i read. such a pain!

  11. That’s a pretty barn and a pretty, peaceful scene!

  12. Beautiful shot of the white barn and white fence on the green pasture….and the colors of the sunset….perfecto:)

  13. Gorgeous shots! Love the lighting in the first one!

  14. The first one here is … serene… And I’ve noticed that I’ve started noticing barns I’ve never noticed before 😉

  15. I love your barn pics! WordPress has been acting strange for me on several counts. I don’t think my posts are getting sent to my subscribers…grrr. I am happy I’m still getting yours though!!

  16. What a beautiful setting! Looks like a great barn & love the trough

    Thank you so much for joining =)

  17. WordPress, if you are listening, we are most unhappy about this change. But we love your barns and fences. Keep posting and we’ll keep commenting.

  18. I love the barn/sunset photo…

  19. Great barn! Love the sunset. Hey, you really made me hungry talking about fried squash on my post! 🙂 Yep, that’s exactly how I would fix it. YUM!

  20. What a pretty scene! Charming as usual!
    I’ve noticed the comment issue also, and I agree…very annoying! I read the comments that have been made when I am commenting, but to be honest, I don’t have the time or energy to back track. Thanks for speaking up about this…maybe WP will get the message and change the set up. ~ Sheila

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful barn.

  22. Nice barn photos.

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