Sunset Sunday

As much as I love sharing my sunrise and sunset photos, I must say that writing the captions or descriptions of them is getting a little difficult.

For those of you who are regular commenters, you may be wondering what else you (or I) could possibly say about a sunrise or sunset…. right?

This was the evening of May 15. With Bride and Groom Swans there, I once again took WAY more pictures than necessary.

Motor Man just says he’s glad we don’t have to pay to have film developed.

Marshall says to take all the pictures I want, and that he’ll keep helping me with my photo archives.

The swans say: “take all the pictures you want. We don’t mind, as long as you bring bread”.

I hear you, Groom Swan. I hear you.

Okay, maybe writing captions isn’t so difficult after all.

But you’re still on your own as far as comments go. Happy Sunday!

20 responses to “Sunset Sunday

  1. I never have a problem commenting on these gorgeous shots – because they ARE indeed gorgeous – especially when you have your swans “eating out of your hand” (haha). Beautiful shots with the water reflections and shadows.

    Pam and Sam

  2. Watching the sun break through the clouds on a cape cod beach. Was too late for the actual sunrise! Keep posting and sharing all this beauty with us…your words and photos never get old and transport us to a wonderful place!

  3. It’s just good to be and take it all in. The fact that Marshall is there to help you with your archives speaks volumes.These productions take behind the scenes time, work and inspiration. This visitor says thank you.

  4. Your words are always perfect…but I know they require some thought…you do a great job with the photos and the words. Just keep snapping away (Dan always jokes me about “wasting film”)!

  5. The beauty of nature photography is that when it’s good, it doesn’t really need captions or explanations. Your sunrise and sunset shots are gorgeous — they speak for themselves. Relax — we’ll still be here when words have ceased…. 🙂

  6. Happy Sunday indeed! And on a long holiday weekend! Hope you guys are having fun!

  7. An unusual sunset! Doesn’t seem as if you’re having problems with captions today! And you can’t expect the Bride and Groom swan to pose for nothing!

  8. That 3rd to the last, where the clouds sort of match your swan? Ahh … like a postcard. I’m relaxed now 🙂

    Thanks Dianna!

  9. Ahhh…beautiful shots, as usual!! I wish Marshall would help me with all my photo archives 🙂

  10. no need to caption if you don’t want to. these are beautiful as they are.

  11. itsallaboutpurple

    these are especially gorgeous!! is that a black swan?? i thought they were primilarly in australia….

    i could use a marshall, my picture saving system, doesn’t exist!!

  12. itsallaboutpurple

    thanks for letting me know about the swan, you are lucky to see him. you probably shared that story before i was following along. changing the color of hydrangeas is a lot easier now. if you go to a garden center you can just buy a bottle of “stuff” you add it to the soil and your done. super simple!!

  13. This is the perfect backdrop for Groom .. and no problem with captions today .. this flowed like a story! & keep snappin’: the storage solutions are out there!

  14. Lovely series of shots, especially like the second to last of the swan silhouette! Love that!

  15. These are beautiful shots – it looks so very peaceful.

  16. I loved these! I’m always drawn to sunset photos and these do not disappoint. Love the contrasts in them.

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    As long as you keep taking these beautiful God given sun rises & sets I am sure the words will come.

  18. Beautiful shots, Dianna. That was a great sunset. It’s nice to know everyone is so cooperative with your efforts! I, too, am glad there’s no film involved!

  19. Dianna, you are the queen of the sunset and sunrise. And, I think the creative muse will continue to give you inspiration for captions.

  20. These photos are stunning! I especially love the first one. I think I mentioned before, you should do a book of your sunrise/sunset photos. I would buy one for my coffee table! ~ Sheila

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