Barn Charm

For quite some time, on our drives to and from the Outer Banks, Motor Man and I have been admiring an old barn in Chesapeake. It sits back off the highway, and, although we’ve looked every time we pass by, we’d never seen anyone out in the yard. Until Saturday.

The landowner was so nice. He gave us permission to go back in the barnyard and take pictures. Of course, Motor Man struck up a conversation, and it turns out that the two of them know some of the same people. Business cards were exchanged.

Anyway, back to the barn.  The owner told us that it was built in the 1960’s. Obviously, it was red at some point in its life.

Randomly meeting nice folks is a Barn Charm bonus.

26 responses to “Barn Charm

  1. Ah, a bonus to the barn charm – meeting nice people and making friends. I’d say that’s the charming part!

  2. Well Dianna, it is a little wonky in a very charming kind of way and meeting the owner/caretaker of this barn makes this a great barn charm!

  3. i always wonder what a barn looks like in the beginning of it’s time … this would be one i would love to see. great find. (:

  4. For a barn built in the 1960’s, it seems very little care has been given it. But still any barn has ‘charm’!

  5. It’s interesting that this one’s still in use – cause parts of it make you wonder how it’s even still standing! Love the old wood and the charm of meeting kind people!

  6. That is truly one of the added bonuses. Most people are friendly enough if you ask permission. Hubby did have one that was mighty suspicious – he had to promise to send him the photos he took – but for the most part, people are very gracious. It is sort of run-down looking, but then, it is 50 years old! Guess for us old-timers, the 60’s don’t seem that far away!

  7. Barn Bonus…Love it!

  8. that’s a great story to go with this pretty barn!

  9. Looks like a nice barn in its day; I hope it doesn’t go the way of our old barn 🙂

  10. I love the fact that you stopped and met the landowner and were able to find out some of the history of the barn. When we used to pass old structures and homes when I was a child, my mother would always comment, “Think of the memories that were made there.”

  11. I can only imagine those days when this barn is in full operation. If only walls could talk many stories would be shared. Great find!


  12. weathered but worth it. 🙂

  13. Here we have another example of a fine barn that has worked hard since it was built … the weathered red paint is awesome, and meeting the landowner is a definite bonus !

  14. That trip really paid off! It’s a small, small world. 🙂

  15. A well-used, red barn! The weathered look definitely gives it added charm.

  16. Most definitely a Barn Charm bonus meeting nice people who’ll let you roam their barn property… some aren’t so nice, so this is awesome! =)

  17. Your husband sounds like my husband…we were in the mall today and he got to talking to a kid and he was from a nearby town, and knew my husbands cousin’s son. Small world.

    BTW, I like that barn, too.

  18. I like the barn shape and the faded red color. I think barn people are nice in general, don’t you?

  19. I was wondering if you went up and chatted with the land owners – I guess if they’re in the yard, you have to! What a cool find – love the worn out paint look.

  20. itsallaboutpurple

    worn and a lil tired but you got in and that’s the best part!!

  21. Great old barn…some folks are just so darn nice!

  22. I so often think about the story behind old barns too! glad you got the scoop on this one!

  23. I love all the old barns you find….here they are few and far between…our old barn was built in 1909 but one would not know it as we covered it in siding in 1980 and it truly saved it….when you go inside though it is old feeling but very solid….love your old barn photos….history and heritage:)

  24. That’s a good sized barn! I love that you can see remnants of the red paint – hanging on for dear life! It’s nice that you and JR got to talk to the owner and find out the age of the barn (although I would have guessed it was older than that!).

    Pam (and Sam)

  25. I have always loved barns. We saw some great ones on our trip to Connecticut recently. Wished I’d snapped more pictures, but it’s so hard to keep asking my husband to pull over so I can get a picture.

  26. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Meeting the owner added charm to to the barn alright. You never know who you might meet.

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