Daily Archives: July 1, 2012

Sunset Sunday

I’ve learned many things about sunrises and sunsets since Motor Man married me and brought me here to live by the water.

As I’ve mentioned before, one thing I’ve learned is how very quickly the sky can change. I’ve been known to RUN across the yard to get a picture, because I know the sky will only look that way for a few seconds.

Another thing I’ve learned is to never give up on the possibility of an amazing sunset. These were taken on June 7.  When I first glanced out, the sky was interesting, but not really spectacular.

 But, it wasn’t long before things began to change.

And began to get very interesting….

Hmm…this could become an amazing sunset after all.

Sure am glad I didn’t give up and go back inside without seeing this.

(Today marks my 600th blog post. This may be the last weekend that I post for awhile.  I’m thinking of only posting Monday through Friday, at least temporarily.  If so, there will  probably be a sunrise/sunset post appearing during the week.  But nothing has been decided yet, so stay tuned!)