Daily Archives: July 18, 2012

Stuck In The Middle

When Motor Man and I drive out on the beach at the Outer Banks, we also travel the “back roads”, since that’s where most of the horses can be seen. On one of our previous trips, we came across this unfortunate incident.

We immediately began thinking that it could be a future blog post, and we started thinking of some of the possible scenarios with the folks involved. Since we didn’t see the driver anywhere, we don’t know anything about him/her or their particular situation.

For the sake of (hopefully) an entertaining blog post, let’s just imagine that the driver was a male and that he had a female companion with him. Most likely, she attempted to talk him out of it before he started through the mudhole.  And he probably heard “I told you so” at least once when it became apparent that they weren’t going to come out the other side of said mudhole.

I wonder if he had to carry her through the mud.

I wonder if that was a rented Jeep.

I wonder how far they had to walk. I don’t think AAA is an option in that location. Although, as Motor Man noted,  he really only needed to be towed about five feet, rather than the complimentary five miles that AAA offers.

Of course, if the driver and passengers were all males, they’re probably still laughing about the whole experience.