Daily Archives: July 9, 2012

Tractor-Churned Ice Cream

There are many fruit stands/farm markets on the way to the Outer Banks. And, as you can imagine, they’re all very busy during the summer season.

The motto for one of those markets is: “Take a peach to the beach”.  From the looks of their parking lot, especially on the weekends, many folks heed that advice.

Although Motor Man and I normally patronize the “peach to the beach” market, we’ve recently been stopping at (gasp!) one of their competitors, Morris Farm Market. BECAUSE, a few weeks ago, we discovered their home made ice cream, which is made with the assistance of this John Deere tractor.

See? The ice cream churn is driven by the PTO (power takeoff)  shaft attached to the tractor.

And the ice cream is sooooo good. You can tell by the look in Motor Man’s eyes.

In addition to the ice cream, there is, of course, an abundance of fruits and vegetables available at Morris’s. They sell t-shirts, souvenirs, and even have their own bakery. But what caught our eye was the use of vintage items, such as this 1954 Chevrolet pick-up, in the displays.

And this old one-cylinder gas engine. You probably can guess that I only know what that is because Motor Man told me.

This old wringer washer reminded of Mondays when I was a little girl. Children were never allowed to get anywhere near one of these when it was in operation for fear an arm would get caught in the wringer.

Clothespin bags were a necessity in the old days.  My mom always made hers.

There are also rustic birdhouses for sale at Morris Farm Market.

You know who these wooden swans brought to mind.  And I wish I’d bought that little white slat watering can planter.

Something tells me we’ll be stopping at Morris’s on our next trip to the Outer Banks for that planter.  And more ice cream.