Daily Archives: July 13, 2012

The Importance Of Beeing Careful

Back in the spring, when it came time to choose plants for my flower boxes, I decided on “wave” petunias. There are six flower boxes on the deck and one on an upper balcony.

I also have a flower pot on a table on the deck.  This picture was taken June 23.

And this one was taken yesterday.

I’ve really been babying all these petunias: watering them daily if there’s no rain. And I’ve been deadheading them all season with reckless abandon.

Until this week.

This gives the appearance of an innocent container of petunias, right? But potential danger lurks here. Enlarge the picture, and look just to the right of the two darker flowers in the center.

Here, I did it for you.

In the past few days, more times than I can count, I’ve had my hand within an inch or two of one of these before seeing it. They don’t seem to be aggressive, they aren’t bothered by the water from the garden hose, and they haven’t given any indication of attacking me.

However, I have decided that it’s in my best interest to bee a little more careful during my future deadheading chores.