Daily Archives: July 2, 2012

Weekly Beach Update

Motor Man and I once again went to the Outer Banks this weekend. We didn’t quite make it onto the  beach in time for sunrise.

During the course of the morning, however, we did see 31 wild horses.  There was this gorgeous blonde, obviously “with child”.

This Black Beauty look-alike.

A meeting of horse and egret. (I think the horse was saying: “You will NOT ride on my back!“. )

And this Papa horse, who was telling me that I was close enough to his family (be watching this week’s Friday’s Fences post to see Mama and baby horse.)

He who makes horsepower and nature’s horsepower.

We also spotted this red fox, who was very interested in us.

And some amazing cloud formations.

Another morning so worthy of the 4:30 alarm.