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Sundae Says…My Blog’s On Fire!

Hi, there, readers! Sundae here, and no, we don’t need to call the fire department.

My boycatfriend, Sammy, over at One Spoiled Cat has presented our blog with another award. This one is the “Blog On Fire” award.

 Motor Mommy said that I could write the acceptance post, which requires that I reveal eight interesting facts about myself. Ready?

1.) I don’t care for ANY cat treats. Motor Mommy has tried them all, but I just turn my nose up and walk away.  I do, however, love human treats, such as grilled chicken, roast beef, cheese, yogurt…

2.) When either Motor Mommy or Motor Man are at home alone and take a shower, I stand on guard in the bathroom until he or she emerges from behind that curtain. Sometimes I even jump up on the side of the tub…just in case I’m needed.

3.) I “chatter” at birds, squirrels and rabbits outside my window. But I growl (like a dog) when a human that I don’t know is out there. Motor Mommy says I’m a good watch-cat.

4.) Like most kitties, I can sense when something is “amiss” with my humom.  I’m still working on becoming the lap kitty that Motor Mommy wants me to be, but when she was upset at her cell phone a few weeks ago, I just knew something was wrong. So I jumped up in her lap to comfort her.

5.) When my parents have been gone from home awhile, this is how I greet them. I flop down on the floor and won’t let them pass until I get tummy rubs. Lots of tummy rubs.

6.) I have three toys: a Christmas stocking, a stuffed lion, and a stuffed octopus. And I hide them. Sometimes for weeks. Motor Mommy always thinks they’re lost for good, and then, poof! Like magic, they reappear! But I’m not showing her my secret hiding spot.

7.)  If Motor Mommy and Motor Man are gone from home overnight, I fuss at talk to them when they get back. A lot. And I’m really loud. They keep trying to guess what I’m saying, but they don’t have a clue. And that’s a good thing.

8.) I love sunrises as much as my Motor Mommy.

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If there’s a blog that you aren’t familiar with on this list, please stop in for a visit, and tell ’em Sundae sent ya. And thanks, again, Sammy!