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Blogging Sisters

One of the perks of blogging is “meeting” new people. Since I began writing this blog almost two years ago, it has brought many new friends my way.

One  blogger, in particular, and I have become very good friends. That’s Pam, whose cat, Sammy, is the author of One Spoiled Cat. You may recall that Motor Man and I actually met Pam and her husband, Dave, a few months ago for a time of antiquing and lunch.

Pam recently nominated my blog for a new award, the Sisterhood of The World Blogger Award.

How appropriate, since I do consider Pam a blogging sister.

As with most blog awards, I’m to share some facts about myself. They’re probably supposed to be interesting things, but since I believe I have shared everything interesting about me, I’ll share seven rather boring things:

1.) I have bunions, inherited from my Mom.
2.) I’ve never learned to dance, and probably would be too self-conscious to do so anyway.
3.) My favorite household chore is folding freshly laundered towels.
4.) When it rains, I get cold, no matter how warm (or hot) it is.
5.) My middle name is Ward. My Mom’s middle name was Ward; she was named after the country doctor in the area when she was born.
6.) I can still recite the entire Crest Toothpaste tv commercial from my childhood. You know the one: “Crest has been shown to be an effective, decay-preventive dentifrice…..” .  Just WHAT is a dentifrice anyway?
7.) One of my earliest memories is a trip Mom and I took to Pennsylvania and New York to visit my uncle and my sister. I was four years old. This picture was taken during that trip.

Me (on the left) with my cousin, Christine

And now, I get to share this award with five other bloggers. They are:

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I love being part of the blogging sisterhood.