December Fog

There have been several foggy mornings around our neck of the woods recently. This was during the golden hour of sunrise last Friday.


I love golden hour.


I thought this was an interesting view.  See that little dark skinny line in the center bottom of the photo? That’s my shadow.


Sunday morning, Motor Man and I were out and about early. We stopped at the bridge that crosses Jones Creek in the little village of Rescue.


This is one of my favorite places to stop for pictures.

jones creek fog

Once again, that scenic little spot didn’t disappoint.


24 responses to “December Fog

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! It’s so beautiful…a foggy sunrise is one of the best times to enjoy the waterways, I think. Just stunning pictures!

  2. These look like paintings!

  3. I agree with georgette they DO look like paintings!

  4. Beautiful photographs. You have an eye as an artist.

  5. You have the most beautiful photographs! How wonderful that you live in such a gorgeous place, surrounded by nature and all its wonders!

  6. Beautiful….there’s a “softness” about fog….it takes all the edges off and makes things appear so “touchable”!


  7. Dianna those are amazingly beautiful pictures! The second on takes my breath away.

  8. These are so beautiful! You capture your neck of the woods in a way that clearly shows how much you love where you are. I can’t pick a favorite, I like each of them for different reasons…and, like you, love that golden hour. …glad to see the sun is still rising down your way 😉

  9. I’m glad I have a morning friend to take these beautiful pictures for me of our neighborhood! I’d take some for you at night…but it’s dark!

  10. Beautiful photos Dianna! We were having fog here too but the views are of the mountains and the hollows.

  11. No disappointments here at all! The morning mist adds a lot …….

  12. Breathtaking pictures!!

  13. really beautiful!

  14. It truly is a golden hour with how yellow the sun is. I also love the quiet and solitude of the sunrise, which your pictures do a wonderful job of capturing.


  15. Lovely with a tantalizing hint of mystery. 🙂

  16. Gorgeous fog, the first one is my favorite! Pretty composition!

  17. Absolutely lovely shots – something quite dreamy about them 🙂

  18. I do love the gold that comes with sunrise, I think sometime sunsets can be over rated! I passed an award to Sundae and you today, hop over to pick it up if you like…

  19. OMG, you live in the most beautiful location. Stunning and peaceful.

  20. Beautiful photos, the second one glows. One can almost feel the radiating warmth. The last ones are quite good, too, the boats are so crisp.

  21. Loved that second photo of the golden hour. It’s been foggy ’round these parts too and today we’re having a smidgen of snow flurries. Don’t know if we’ll get a white Christmas or not.

  22. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great pics.

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