December Skies

The day after Christmas proved to be a rather miserable one, weather-wise, in our area. We awoke early Wednesday morning to strong winds and rain, and conditions didn’t improve as the day went on.

Folks commented that at least Christmas Day wasn’t rainy. It would seriously have hindered all the visiting the “Motor family” had to do.

These were the storm clouds late Wednesday afternoon, just as I was beginning to hear thunder in the distance.

storm clouds

Thunderstorms in southeast Virginia in December are somewhat rare.


Later, Motor Man and I traveled to Hampton for dinner with friends. The combination of storm clouds and the setting sun gave the sky an eerie appearance during our trip.  This was taken from the parking lot at the restaurant.


Just after I took that picture, we noticed a few employees from the restaurant pointing to the sky behind us. Motor Man “called it” even before we turned around.


I don’t recall ever seeing a more brilliant rainbow.


I could even make out Roy G Biv!

15 responses to “December Skies

  1. Very cool on the Roy G Biv!!! Those rumbly clouds above the boat slips make for some dramatic pictures Dianna. The rainbow was a nice treat!

  2. Thanks for telling Bill about the rainbow. Beautiful!

  3. we got 5 inches of snow (at least) the day after Christmas!! Rainbows are SUPER GOOD LUCK!

  4. Wind howling here now…. odd weather all around. I love your photos of the rainbow!

  5. Weird weather to say the least, but we were blessed with the rainbow. Now, I’ll remember JR and Phyllis when I see one. We were leaving Phyllis’ house when we spotted it on our way to Annas’s. Beautiful reminder of beautiful friends.

  6. Wonderful!

  7. Wow – what a rainbow! A good sign I think……!!


  8. And I thought I was the only one to bust out ole Roy!! Lol There was a ight double rainbow from our house! Such a cool sight!

  9. even the gray skies are pretty. 🙂

  10. Nice rainbow! You were braver than I, no venturing out here, except to feed the birds.

  11. Definitely a gray one yesterday.. with an odd color once the rain cleared… love the pic of the trees!

  12. That is one gorgeous rainbow!

  13. We’re all blanketed with about 8 inches of snow up here. I bet that sleigh ride place you visited here is happy about that! 😉 The rainbow picture turned out beautifully. My rainbow pics never do justice.

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a beautiful rainbow. After all that rain we needed a great gift!

  15. We had rain in Georgia too. I couldn’t believe it was a thunderstorm for Christmas!


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