“Romper Room”

During a phone conversation last Thursday with my friend, Bev, she mentioned that the following day, she would be baby-sitting her eight-month old grandson, Tanner,  AND her two-year old great niece, Stella. Then she added: “So if you have any free time, stop by “Romper Room”.

I decided to take her up on her offer and went for a visit Friday afternoon. Yes, her den did look a bit like Romper Room – with toys everywhere. She even has a child-sized Adirondack chair, which Tanner was using to practice his standing.

tanner and chair_Snapseed

He’s looking rather proud of himself. I can’t believe he’s already eight months old.


The chair was just the right size for Stella, and she spent a few minutes reading to Tanner.

stella reading to tanner1

Tanner is such a busy little boy, it took me SO many shots to get a good picture of that one little curl.

tanners curl

Speaking of curls, Stella has an abundance. So many curls for a two-year old.

stellas curls

Bev, enjoying the role of “Nana”.

bev and tanner

And before my Romper Room visit was over, I just had to get a little of Tanner’s “sugar”.

db and tanner

After I typed that last sentence, I started to wonder: do folks still say that they’re “getting a baby’s sugar”? Is that phrase out-dated?  Is it just something we Southerners say?


23 responses to ““Romper Room”

  1. Great pictures from your Romper Room visit! I always wanted curly hair like Stella’s….alas mine’s straight as an arrow (and thinning!)……as for “getting some sugar” – I remember hearing that a LOT from older folks when I lived in Alabama…..only it was pronounced “Shugah”….I still love to hear that and see the smile that always goes along with the request to “gimme some shugah” !!


  2. I’ve heard “give me some sugar” growing up .. especially when around babies. 🙂 Those are some cute little ones – what a great day you had!

  3. Cute shots Dianna! I wanted curly hair too, got straight fine and now thinning hair-Hey Pam.. 🙂 And “getting sugar” and “gimme some sugar” were phrases used often when I was growing up. Don’t hear it a whole lot now but it is still being used! Good Morning!!

  4. Last week I posted at Emjay’s that my uncle, my father’s sister’s husband, who was from New Orleans called me “Sugar.” 🙂 Yes, definitely a Southern thing.

  5. What beautiful children! I don’t recall the “sugar” thing, but maybe sugary things like sugar plum and sweetheart. This is definitely a “sweet” post Dianna. :).

  6. We still say sugar. But then I’m a boomer and don’t know much about the modern slang. Although my grandson recently informed me that anything good is called ‘beast’ by him and his friends, lol so I’m not totally out of the loop yet.
    Tanner and Stella are adorable. Thank you for sharing your visit with them. Sweet!:)

  7. Darling children….It’s not fair that Bev hasn’t aged a bit in the last 25 yrs!! And is a grandmother! I know she dotes on that baby!

  8. I wouldn’t worry about dating yourself with the “sugar” comment – the romper room reference took care of that for you 😉 I love the focus on the curls – both boy and girl curls!

  9. Sheesh! Mentalpause is catching up with me! Wrote a whole Comment and did not hit post! Mush have been the cutness of all those baby curls! It is so much fun to spend time with the little ones. I wish I lived closer to mine!
    Nellie’s Mom

  10. Nana looks much too young to be a grandmother! And what a beautiful smile she has…you can see just how much she’s enjoying those sweet babies. They are so adorable and I love the curls.

  11. really cute kids. 🙂

  12. Looks like a happenin’ spot !

  13. Getting some of Tanners sugar, is that in any way like stealing candy from a baby?

  14. I’m not sure about the sugar comment and I have not heard the words romper room in a very long time! Adorable kids!

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful children! I also heard that saying most of my life. I have used it many times.

  16. I’m familiar with the reference to “sugar.” I don’t know how many times lately I’ve written something and realize it’s not something I hear much any more. I wonder if readers will know what I’m talking about–especially those translating to a different language.

  17. How fun that you got to share those precious babies! We used to use that expression in my mother’s family. My grandparents would say, “Give me some sugar” if they wanted a kiss. I’d forgotten all about that until I read it in your post.

  18. I also haven’t heard the word romper room in years–but the term brings back warm fuzzy memories of wonderful kid-friendly rooms.

  19. mollieandalfie

    Oh what beautiful children, Stella has such gorgeous hair. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with little ones, sadly mines 15 now and he doesn’t snuggle 😦 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • You just wait: that’s just a stage he’s going through. Once my son passed through those teenage years, he was as loving as when he was a little one! Now he’s 32, and hugs me everytime he sees me! 🙂

  20. Precious babies! I still say, “I’m gonna get your sugar” to my grand babies AND children. Maybe it is a southern thing but it always puts a smile on their faces 🙂

  21. What sweeties! Even this northerner has heard that phrase, ‘give me some sugar.’ Your friend’s romper room looks so fun!

  22. I tell Molly all the time that I am gonna steal all of her sugar and not to tell Daddy. HAHA

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