Pet Remembrance Day

This may not be a national holiday; but, my friend, Pam, (Sammy’s mom from One Spoiled Cat) and I decided that we’d take today to remember some of our previous pets. And my long distance friend, Pix, is also remembering her Z-cat today in her post.

I remember always having cats in my life, and there were a few dogs. But I don’t have photos of any of them prior to Beezy, the kitty we had before Sundae.  If you missed it, I shared my memories of Beezy in this post, from back in November of 2010.


When I adopted Beezy from the animal shelter, her name was Baby, and I really can’t say how that became “Beezy”. She was in my life for 14 of her 16 years and in Motor Man’s for 11 of those.

Holding Beezy for the last time

Holding Beezy for the last time

Beezy crossed Rainbow Bridge in November of 2009.

I’m sure, for all of us who’ve loved and been loved by a pet, there’s one that we remember above the others. For us, that was our Beezy.


18 responses to “Pet Remembrance Day

  1. What a beautiful cat Beezy was….and how lucky were all of you to have found each other in this world. It’s so hard to say goodbye when the time comes – regardless of how or why it comes – but we certainly keep them in our hearts and souls forever. I’m glad we joined up for a remembrance day!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. mollieandalfie

    Beezy was beautiful and what a lovely post 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday xxooxx
    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Beezy was such a gentle soul. There’ll never be another like him but you now have Sundae to help heal your heart.

  4. Such a beautiful cat your Beezy. That last photo finds me in a puddle yet it’s healing to remember.
    I posted about our English cocker Leakey — pronounced — La-key–last mother’s day. T-Bob turned 15 in January.

  5. So happy Dianna you had Beezy in your life. I had a Beezy, her name was Z.. 🙂 Joining you in Remembrance today!

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  7. I just adopted a chihuahus from the shelter and he is such a good dog! I had been missing my old friend for five years and figured it was time to adopt. What a great idea – maybe it should be a national holiday. ❤

  8. Awww …. the poignancy of this post hit me right in the gut. That last photo of you holding Beezy .. geez, I was gulping back the tears. And as I did that, Frankie – our nearly 13 year old dog, plopped onto my feet.

    You’re right .. we loved them all but there are a few who stand out. My horse, Riley, Shorty-Pants the Co-op cat and, of course, Frankie.


  9. that grief never really goes away. other pets help fill the void of day-to-day smiles and antics (thank goodness!) but there’s always a part of us that stays with the pet that is gone…

  10. Our pets become family, and their presence is sorely missed when they leave us.

  11. We don’t need a holiday to remind us of our pets – i.e. family members – who have passed on. They live with us always, as your words and photos attest to. Touching.

  12. Awww,,,now I’m tearing up thinking about my Coco. Beezy looks a bit like her, a long haired Tortie. She was (until Stormy) my favorite kitty and I still think of her and wish I could just pick her up for a hug. We were just talking yesterday about our dog, Baron, and how we missed him, too. Pets are family…they will always hold a piece of our hearts.

  13. What a great post! Thanks for sharing your heart cat with us.
    Nellie’s Mom

  14. I can see the pain on your face in that last hug. I know the feeling. I do know the feeling and it is heart wrenching and we never forget.

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your Beezy was lovely, Our remembrance is our two dogs Puff and Misty and our cat Peel. All three we loved very much. We are blessed to have had these wonderful animals. The pain is very real when we lose our pets.

  16. Beezy sounds like she was a very special wonderful girl. What a blessing for you to have such a loving friend for so many years. I’m like you, You never get over the loss of a pet who becomes a huge part of your life & family . (((hugs))) I agree there should be an official Pet Remembrance day.

  17. I’m sorry I missed this one yesterday … Beezy was one-of-a-kind, and she is definitely missed … Very nice post –

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