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An Easter (Basket) Memory

It’s been awhile since I participated in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, but this week, I’m back, and I chose this prompt:

1.) An Easter memory

While looking through some old photos recently, I came across this one of Marshall. (And I hesitate to use the phrase “old photo” when it’s a picture of my child.)  This was taken Easter morning when he was almost five.


I love the tousled hair of a little boy not long out of bed. (In fact, he’s sitting on his bed with the Peanuts gang sheets.)

When he was five, Marshall was really “into” Superhero action figures. I see Wonder Woman there by his foot. He’ll have to leave a comment here to tell us which one he’s holding in his hand.

At age five, you still aren’t too old for a stuffed bunny in your Easter basket, and who doesn’t love Skittles?

I don’t recall getting Easter baskets when I was growing up, but it was always fun to put together ones for Marshall when he was a little boy.

One little picture – so many memories.

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