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Recently, I was entrusted with some old family photos. Some I had seen before, but many I hadn’t.  Some had names written on the back, but many didn’t.  It’s amazing how much hope you can feel in the fraction of a second it takes to turn over a picture.

I didn’t need to look on the back of this one.


This was my maternal grandmother, the only grandparent I knew. The others had passed away before I was born, but Grandma was in my life until I was 16. According to the date on this picture, I would have been just a young child when it was taken.

Grandma lived only about a quarter mile from Mom and me. Since my dad had died when I was an infant, and my sisters were grown and married when I was very young, Mom and I visited Grandma every day.  The school bus driver (a family friend and neighbor) knew to stop there in the afternoons if she saw Mom’s car.

When I found this picture, I immediately glanced around at the furnishings in the room. I don’t recall that (badly in need of repair) caned-back sofa. The one I remember had both back and seat cushions, which never stayed in place when you sat on them.  There’s a crocheted afghan (one I’m sure she made) on the sofa at the  far right corner of the picture.

But, oh how I remember that goose-neck rocker of Grandma’s.  She rocked many a grandchild and great grandchild in that rocker.  And sat in it in the afternoons as she (and usually my mom) watched soap operas. (Always the ones on CBS: As The World Turns, The Guiding Light, The Secret Storm and The Edge of Night. It would have been unheard of to watch another channel.) It was also unheard of for anyone else to sit in Grandma’s chair.

I found myself wondering which of my relatives took this picture. Did Grandma not realize she was being photographed? I have other pictures of her, where she’s looking at the camera, so I don’t think she was looking away intentionally. Wonder who or what had her attention at this moment.

Of course, there’s no way I can know who took the picture, but I’m so glad they did.

(And yes, her name was on the back of the photo.)

And thank you, Lona.

Wordless Wednesday: Big, Bad Snugg

Marshall captured this picture recently of his kitty, Snugg, “on the prowl”.


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Barn Charm – Spotsylvania County

As Sundae mentioned in yesterday’s post, Motor Man and I traveled to Sperryville, Virginia on Sunday to visit with my blogging friend, Pam (One Spoiled Cat) and her husband, Dave. Along the way, I was, of course, taking pictures of barns. And Motor Man, as usual, was great about stopping whenever we spotted one.

This one was in Spotsylvania County. Our first glimpse:


We pulled into the farm lane, across a grown-over cattle guard, and I walked over into the field to get this next picture. (I should keep hiking boots in the vehicle.)


We live in southeast Virginia, where the land is very flat. So driving to the central part of the state and seeing the rollings hills is always a treat. As we were driving away, I continued to take pictures of this old barn. (I told Motor Man I didn’t want to leave it behind.)


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Sundae Says… Here’s What’s New

Hello, everyone! Sundae here with the latest news from our family. Yesterday, Motor Man and Motor Mommy went on a day trip to Sperryville, Va. to spend some time with the pawrents of my boycatfriend, Sammy.  They did a little antiquing and had brunch together. Here’s Sammy’s Mom, Pam, with Motor Mommy, outside the restaurant.

db and pam

It was snowing in Sperryville! Here are Sam’s pawrents. You can see the snow on Dave’s jacket.  Aren’t they a sweet couple?

pam and dave

And here are my pawrents. I think they’re pretty sweet too.


 Anyway, enough about them. Now for my news: through the magic of the internet, I’m on a camping trip in Vancouver! My boycatfriend, Sammy, is hosting it, the place is packed, and we’re all having a wonderful time.

We arrived and set up our tents yesterday. (Mine is right beside Sammy’s, of course.)  Isn’t it a beautiful location? By the way, there’s a best decorated tent contest over at Sammy’s blog. If you’d like to vote for mine, click here.

sundaes tent.221582252997905021362754402093[1]

We’ll be here at the camp today and tomorrow, and then, tomorrow night, we’ll be camping on the beach at Pacific Rim National Park. Sammy and I went to check out the beach yesterday afternoon, and he snapped this photo of me, catching some rays. (Yes, of course, I was wearing sunscreen!)

sundae catching rays.com13633746141071

Well, gotta run! There’s so much to do here at  Camp Sammy!  =^.^=

Friday’s Fences And A Sunrise

Today will finish up my photos from our trip to the Outer Banks last weekend. Maybe.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the beach road was inaccessible on Sunday.  When we left the beach, we drove back into the town of Corolla, and Motor Man found a little dirt road leading to the ocean. This is what we found at the end of the road:


Here comes the sun!


And…because it’s Friday….

sunrise fence3

And, finally, one of my favorite sunrise photos.

dramatic sunrise

(I forgot there is no Friday’s Fences meme this week. Oops.)

Happy Gotcha Day, Sundae!

Although she doesn’t realize it, this is the anniversary of a special day in Sundae’s life. Two years ago today, I made the trip to Gloucester Mathews Humane Society to look for a kitty to adopt. And I came home with a little calico that we named Sundae.

She was a bit scrawny and still had a bare spot on her tummy from having been spayed just a couple of weeks before.


But, with a new home and some love, she began to “fill out nicely”. Of course, this didn’t happen overnight..


Sundae has settled into a routine. This is her hang-out spot in the evenings. She props up on the footboard of our bed, looks at Motor Man, and waits for him to play a game of laser light with her.


Although Sundae is quite the independent girl and isn’t the calm lap kitty we had in mind, she’s a sweetie.


Happy Gotcha Day, Sundae girl!

sundae chessie

We hope you’re happy that we chose you.

Wordless Wednesday – Sunrise Surf

(Outer Banks, North Carolina. Sunday, March 10, 2013, at sunrise.)


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