Photo By Motor Man

One afternoon last week, we were on our way to Motor Man’s parents’ house. I was driving and mentioned how pretty the clouds were. Motor Man asked if I wanted a picture, so I pulled over, and he took this.

jordan 6-27-2013 6-06-59 PM_Snapseed

As I’ve been looking through the photos on my computer this week, this one keeps catching my eye. I think it’s not only the beautiful blue of the clouds, but also the green grass and the gold of the freshly harvested winter wheat in the foreground.

And then, of course, the stately old home, known as the Jordan House,  in the background. Although vacant with its windows boarded up, it’s still standing proud.

I think I need to hand the camera over to Motor Man more often.


17 responses to “Photo By Motor Man

  1. Most interesting sky with so many types of cloud formations….well done Motor Man!


  2. You both have a great eye for beautiful pictures!

  3. I think I remember this house, but I love this shot of it 🙂 Anything capturing the sky captures me!

  4. That is a beautiful pic! I agree with June…obviously creativity runs in the family:)

  5. It’s a great shot! The trees close to the house, the clouds, the winter wheat!! Lovely!

  6. mollieandalfie

    You two are so good at taking photo’s, just beautiful xxoxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. Spectacular big sky. Love the whole scene…too bad that house is boarded up – what a place that would be to own and share!

  8. Your Motor Man has a good eyeball! 😀

  9. I luvluvluv clouds! Mom luvs to go to Santa Fe cuz the sky always has such pawsome cloud art! Paw pats Sundae, your furriend Savannah

  10. Great one here, Motor Man !
    No crowding; everything has it’s place in this one…
    And multiple cloud layers are one of my favorites, too !

  11. Wow, Motor Man did a great job! That is a very beautiful photo. I agree with you, the lovely blue sky and green and gold of the earth set a becoming background for that stately old home, even if it is vacant.

  12. You take wonderful pictures, but I agree—he did good :-).

  13. Way to go Motor Man! Awesome photograph! You will have to get your own “Page” now on the blog so you can post your own work! Nicely done! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  14. Talent runs in the family!

  15. This is a great shot. Nicely done, MM!

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful picture taking does run in the family. I remember that house well and the clouds are lovely.

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