Barn Charm – Quite By Accident

Sunday morning, Motor Man and I heard of a house fire just a few miles from us. Later in the day, we drove to the area to have a look.

It was a beautiful, vacant waterfront home in a nice development. As is the case in many developments, there’s an older home, probably original to the property, among the newer ones. Although this isn’t far from where we live, it’s down a long country “street”, and it’s been years since Motor Man and I have driven down there (long before I began blogging). So imagine my delight when Motor Man pointed out this beautiful barn, located beside the old house.


No, we didn’t disobey the “No Trespassing” sign; Motor Man stopped by the street, and I took these pictures from the driveway. I love the old wagon remains over to the side.


But we also noticed the satellite dish on the side of the barn. Hmm…

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23 responses to “Barn Charm – Quite By Accident

  1. Is it a house and/or a barn? Perhaps they work there, watch TV and use internet. Very pretty barn. So sorry about the fire nearby.

  2. Nice barn! Complete with satellite dish……interesting!


  3. Wonder if someone ‘recycled’ the barn into a home?? With a satellite dish,it makes me think so.

  4. Maybe it’s really a house! How cool! Such a beautiful barn! Ellie

  5. That is awesome! I am picturing it as a house as well since you don’t typically see barns with dormer windows and an upstairs deck….and it would be really neat to have a winding staircase in the silo:)

  6. I would like to think it is someBODY’s art studio! Great barn for Barn Charm Dianna!!

  7. A tour of that old beauty is in order… Wouldn’t that have been neat!
    What a beauty! Thanks for joining =)

  8. Looks like it’s somebody’s home now! Very cool!

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful! I agree with everyone about it could have been a home or office. It is grand! Sorry to hear of he fire.

  10. Oh, my, this one is fabulous. Wouldn’t you just love to be able to really investigate it?

  11. What a lucky find! This is a beautiful barn that appears to be in good shape. Fine Barn Charm image.

  12. Somebody is definitely living in this one !

  13. Beautiful find whether it’s a barn or a house!

  14. I was thinking what Marshall said – that it’s been renovated into a home. Whatever the case, it’s picture perfect!

  15. Much too pretty to just be for animals or hay; someone surely must live there. It’s gorgeous! Just think of all the room inside!

  16. I have heard that many people convert barns into homes. This one sure looks like it with the paned windows and all. It’s absolutely gorgeous! What a find!

  17. Hope everyone is feeling better! MJ

  18. It looks like the barn is now a home! Great discovery and you’ve photographed it beautifully!

  19. What a fun barn/home. It looks really well-kept.

  20. That would make a fabulous home!

  21. This is a nice barn! Maybe the horses are watching reruns of Mr. Ed.

  22. mollieandalfie

    That is beautiful, I would happily live in that 🙂 xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

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