Smarter Than A Geek

Last week, I had a crisis. Yes, it was partially self-inflicted, but it was a crisis, nonetheless.

My computer at our shop was unresponsive last week when I went in on Wednesday morning. On it is a Quicken program containing our company and personal checkbook registers with years’ worth of data.

Motor Man and I rushed it to the emergency room Geek Squad at Best Buy. Upon examining the patient, they told us that, at the very least, it needed a new power supply. We decided to purchase a new computer, and have the Geeks just transfer the data from the old computer to the new.

Later that evening, we got the phone call that no computer owner ever wants to receive: the Geeks were unable to access the data on our old computer.

Oh, let me just say here that I had been very negligent in backing up my computer files…..Very. Very. Negligent.

So I texted Marshall with the bad news. He called me immediately (knowing that his mom was nearly in tears) and said not to give up hope; he had an idea.

Motor Man and I picked up both computers on Thursday. Then, on Friday morning, Marshall came to the shop and attempted to outsmart the Geeks. He needed a USB cable and an extension cord; this is the first extension cord Motor Man could find.

ext cord 7-5-2013 10-01-48 AM

Marshall and Motor Man had both used hard drive enclosures in the past to retrieve data from non-functioning computers. Could we dare hope that it would work this time?

marshall1 7-5-2013 10-04-00 AM

My son: smarter than a Geek.

marshall with enclosure 7-5-2013 10-03-54 AM

His mom WAS in tears once all the data was safely transferred to the new computer.

Motor Man and I treated him to a steak dinner that night.

I’ve definitely learned my lesson about keeping current back-ups. Now I just have to learn Windows 8.


28 responses to “Smarter Than A Geek

  1. YAY Marshall!!! Well, needless to say some lessons are more painful to learn than others but this one could have been a WHOLE lot worse if not for your personal geek!


  2. It just shows that if something is important to a loved one, Geek Squad doesn’t have a chance against a loving son and husband.
    We’ve both agreed that your husband and my son could pilot a space craft if push came to shove!

  3. mollieandalfie

    OMD, you are so lucky to have such a wonderful, clever Son.. I hated windows 8 when I got my new computer so I changed it to windows 7.. be interesting to hear how you get on with it 🙂 You can relax now and have a super day xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Yay Marshall! You must have been so relieved! Ellie

  5. HooRay for Marshall!!! Glad all is well!

  6. EeeGad! That was definitely a crisis. I’m so glad you, Motorman and Marshall were able to outsmart the Geek Squad, but personally I think it was that humongous extension cord. 🙂

  7. Go Marshall! What a relief and a happy dance, too!
    Your first picture is perfect…oh, the chaos of hardware, smartware, schmartware.
    If the geeks can’t solve it, or ATT ConnectTech, I go to my brother and/or nephews…they’re good, really gooood.

  8. An excellent outcome to a stressful day!

  9. Way to go Marshall! You are definitely smarter than the average bear! I had something similar happen but a virus had infected my adorable red Dell Mini laptop. My boyfriend spent an entire day reloading every component back on the laptop from scratch, thank God we keep those cd’s that come with it, and it works great. Backing up docs is ALWAYS a good thing! I bet you will never let this happen again, eh?

  10. Yeah – I’ve mopped up a number of Geek Squad screw ups to great profitability over the years.

    They’re basically untrained drones who follow a script. If anything deviates from the script they can’t do it.

  11. Gosh! That would bes awful! Can yous imagine what would happen if mes losted all my files….

  12. Hey, my cousin has always been a very smart young man. I still have a hard time remembering Marshall is my cousin! I have always wanted to call him my nephew.

  13. So glad you got the data back! What a relief! =^.^=

  14. New nickname “Geekman Marshall”!

  15. 🙂 That cord !!!
    Those enclosures aren’t always a guarantee, but it saved the day this time !
    Great post !
    & the steak was just right ..!

  16. YAY MARSHALL!! I might just have to borrow his geek services the next time I goof mine up 🙂 I’ll also throw in a steak!

  17. And I am still having a giggle at the picture of the cord! Lol to funny 🙂

  18. Hip hip hooray for Marshall and Motor Man and all the smart techies in our families! !

  19. You have one wonderful (and smart) son to come to your rescue!! Glad it all worked out for you. I know what you mean about Windows 8. We’ve been searching for a new laptop before my old one bites the dust, and Windows 8 is giving me pause about buying one. Let me know how that goes!

  20. Thankfully things turned out ok. Whee know our hoomans were very upset when they couldn’t get their laptop to work. Luckily the geeks were able to help them!


  21. My husband is a computer geek by hobby and trade. It’s wonderful to be able to say “Honey, why is my computer doing this?” and have him roll over, diagnose, and usually fix it. We are all still on Windows 7 here, set so that the classic desktop is up. We’ve heard of too many issues with Windows 8, so have not changed over.

  22. Great job, Marshall! My husband is a computer geek by hobby and trade and it is great to be able to say “Honey, why is my computer doing that?” and have him roll over, diagnose it, and usually fix it. We both still use Windows 7, with the classic desktop screen up. We’ve heard of too many issues with 8 so we haven’t switched. May I suggest setting up an account on a cloud storage site and backing up your Quicken data to that weekly or monthly?

  23. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Thank goodness for Marshall & Jr. Great job!! So glad everything is OK now.

  24. I know that is a load off your mind. Good work, guys! I think I’d better back up my hard drive again…

  25. Now, THAT is a crisis! I definitely would have been crying. Good job, Marshall!

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