Monthly Archives: August 2013


Ten days ago, behind our shop, we found a tiny gray tabby kitten. Once I saw those sweet little eyes, turning her over to Animal Control was never an option.

gypsy baby 8-22-2013 7-12-40 PM

She was very afraid and VERY hungry, but also very loving. We brought her in the office, and I went to the grocery store and bought Kitten Chow and a litter box.

The next day, I put up flyers in our area, called the vets’ offices and checked with Animal Control to be sure no one had reported a missing kitty. No one had.

So she became our shop office kitty, and although we had all sorts of name suggestions (Nitro, Boogity, Racer, Motor Kitty), we settled on “Gypsy”.  Motor Man sends me photos of her waiting for me to get to the office in the mornings.

chair back-001

We bought a kitty carrier, and took her for her first vet’s visit. Thankfully, she tested negative for all those bad diseases that kitties can have. The vet estimates her to be about 10 weeks old.


I’m finding it difficult to get much work done at the office.

db and gypsy1 8-25-2013 12-53-38 PM

And I think she loves us. She has Motor Man wrapped around her little paw. (I’ll try to get pictures of the two of them soon.)

db and gypsy 8-23-2013 12-50-37 PM

Meanwhile, Sundae thinks we’re still a one-cat family.  There have been some suggestions that she may like a little playmate, but we haven’t decided whether to do that or not.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of little Miss Gypsy.