Daily Archives: February 5, 2014

Gypsy’s Journal – Page 2

Gypsy: Happy Wednesday, effuryone, and welcome to another page in my journal.

The past few days have been wonderful at the office! Motor Mommy has been there ALL day, working on tax stuff (whatever that is). Of course, I’ve been helping her quite a bit.

On my break, I played with one of my toys: a Christmas present from Sammy, my sister, Sundae’s, boycatfriend.

gypsy with christmas toy 2-4-2014 4-42-41 PM

Later, my pawrents’ friend, Wayne, stopped by.  I really like it when he visits, because he gives me lots of tummy rubs!

gypsy and wayne 2-4-2014 4-07-22 PM

Wanna see how much I’ve grown?? Here’s a picture from last summer of Wayne, holding me when I first came to be the shop kitty. (I couldn’t fit in his hands now!)

wayne & gypsy-001

Anyway, after helping Motor Mommy with all those papers, and all the attention from folks stopping by, I just had to have a kitty nap.

gypsy napping 2-4-2014 1-50-07 PM

Being a cute cuddly kitty an office assistant sure is hard work.    zzzzz      zzzzz   zzzzz

~These Days Of Mine~