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Random Five Friday

Time once again for Nancy’s Random Five Friday!

1.) A thank-you to those of you who read yesterday’s blog post (before I corrected it) and didn’t mention that Valentine’s Day was actually last Friday. I had mistakenly written that it was Saturday. Motor Man pointed it out to me (by phone) and asked if I were trying to make him look bad, as in being a day late to bring me roses and a card.

2.) Unfortunately, I was on the road when he called, and unable to edit the post on my phone. Marshall and I were on our way to take Frances, a long-time friend, to breakfast.  We always enjoy visiting with her, and we think the feeling is mutual.

marshall db and frances 2-20-2014 10-53-38 AM-horz

3.)  We are hinderedaggravatedbothered, exasperated by Canada geese  in our yard. We were told that chasing them with radio control vehicles sometimes convinces them to move on to another location. So we recently bought an RC Jeep. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have enough “oomph” to travel across the grass. So Motor Man carries it and revs the engine in it while walking toward the geese. They really don’t like the sound. (Perhaps he needs to build a high-performance engine for that Jeep.)

goosebuster3 1-25-2014 1-01-29 PM

4.)  Daytona 500 on Sunday!  I’ve been to Daytona twice; Motor Man has been several times.  We’re glad that we had the opportunity to see races at some of the large tracks, but now we just like watching from the comfort of home. (But I do miss the sound of the cars and the smell of tire rubber. Yes, I’m a redneck, why do you ask?)

5.) Our forecast today is for rain and possibly severe thunderstorms. Sounds like a good day to spend (rubber) stamping in my little “craft” loft.

rainy window 2-15-2014 4-47-19 PM

Feel free to share your randomness.

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