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Gypsy’s Journal – Page 5

Happy Thursday, folks; Gypsy here with another page of my journal.

I had some excitement on Monday evening. When Motor Man came into the shop on Tuesday morning, I immediately led him to the mouse I had killed during the night!  (Sorry: no photo.)

But, as the day went on and Motor Mommy got there, they noticed that I was not “myself”. I spent almost all day in my bed; I didn’t play, I didn’t run around (launching off the back of Motor Mommy’s chair onto the filing cabinet), I didn’t “talk” to Motor Man like I usually do, I didn’t eat very much.  They were very concerned about me.

gypsy in bed-001

But yesterday, I was fine!

Why I was pokey on Tuesday, we don’t really know. Was it the excitement of catching a mouse?  Did I wear myself out, chasing him around the shop?

Whatever the reason, my pawrents were SO relieved yesterday to see that I was back to normal.

db and gyp 2-18-2006 11-37-36 AM

I overheard a conversation they had, and guess what? I’m being promoted to Chief Executive in charge of pest control!

I love my job!

~These Days Of Mine~