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Random Five Friday

Whew! I must admit: I’m glad it’s Friday. And that means, it’s time for Random Five Friday.

1.)  Thank you SO much for the kind comments on yesterday’s post regarding my current blog struggle. I was encouraged by the support!

2.) Earlier this week, Gypsy shared a post about her work as my office assistant. Sundae said she wanted equal time. I guess her title would be domestic engineer, specializing in laundry, particularly warm towels, fresh from the dryer.

sundae towels 2-5-2014 4-22-13 PM

3.) Tax preparation is complete: YAY!  Motor Man just has to look over a couple of things, and it will be on its way to the CPA. What can I do to celebrate?

4.) The ducks that I feed almost daily missed a few days last week because of the snow. But as soon as it began clearing, there they were, ready to eat.

ducks 2-1-2014 4-06-53 PM

And quack.

ducktail 2-1-2014 4-07-03 PM

5.) Speaking of “waterfowl”, last Saturday morning, Motor Man and I took a little drive around town. I spotted this egret near the edge of a stream at our local park. It was on Motor Man’s side of the vehicle, so I handed him the camera. I love everything about this picture: the white snow, the blue of the water and the blurred reflection of the trees in the water. Good job, Motor Man!

egret 2-1-2014 10-15-53 AM 2-1-2014 10-15-53 AM

And now, I’m heading over to Nancy’s to read other Random Five Friday entries.

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