Daily Archives: February 13, 2014

Gypsy’s Journal – Page 3

Hi, friends (and furriends), it’s Gypsy again, and I have lots of news to share with you today.

Earlier this week, I had my own “Glamour Shot” photo session. (Photography by Motor Man.)

gypsy in basket1

I think he captured the real me.

gypsy in basket2

Then, yesterday,  I pretended that Motor Mommy’s legs were a sliding board. (Two things about this picture: that is indeed a clutter corner in the background, and Motor Mommy just had her hand up to her face, laughing. It isn’t what it appears at first glance...)


And, as usual, I spent a lot of time this week in my favorite spot: on Motor Man’s chest. Not only am I a glamour kitty, I’m also a lucky kitty.


And here’s some news about my step-sister, Sundae:  she’s going to the Valentine Ball with her boycatfriend, Sammy this weekend!  I bet she’ll have a post next week… with pictures.

Bye from the Glamour Kitty!

~These Days Of Mine~