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Random Five Friday

A wintry Random Five this week:

1.) Motor Man and I took a road trip on Monday to another engine builder’s shop about four hours away in North Carolina. Motor Man needed to pick up some engine parts. But, surprise! The engine builder’s wife knows I like old furniture, so she gave me a couple of things, including this adorable child’s desk. The problem was how to fit it in our truck; we had already loaded some pretty large engine parts.  We the guys finally squeezed everything in (fighting a cold wind and snow flurries). I’ll share pictures once I decide on where we’ll put our new treasures.

the desk 1a 2-11-2014 6-50-43 AM

2.) We’ve had winter weather this week, including a snowy afternoon/evening on Wednesday. Those of you who know us know that we rarely eat at home, but I decided a roast with carrots and potatoes in the crock pot would be a good idea that day. THEN, yesterday, I made peanut butter cookies. Help! I’m becoming Betty Crocker!

roast 2-12-2014 5-14-48 PM

3.)  Some time back, I mentioned that Motor Man and I were planning a getaway this month. A few of you guessed correctly what our plans were. We had planned to go on a steam train ride this weekend in Pennsylvania. The company is called Steam Into History, and the train is a replica of the one President Lincoln rode en route to deliver the Gettysburg Address. For Presidents’ weekend, there were to be costumed interpreters along on the ride. BUT, the area was hit with a massive ice storm last week, resulting in many trees and limbs down on the tracks, so the trip was cancelled. They’re hoping to reschedule at a later date.

4.) Speaking of winter, I am SO ready for toes-in-the-sand weather…

toes in the sand

5.) This is my Valentine’s gift from Motor Man. (That’s Sundae and Gypsy in the heart.)

kitty heart 2-14-2014 6-26-14 AM

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

~These Days Of Mine~