Daily Archives: February 12, 2014

It’s All My Fault

We’re staring at our third snowstorm of the winter. That’s very unusual for our area.

And yesterday, as I puttered around the house, I came to the conclusion that I just may be to blame for all this snow.

After all, I do have a snow couple perched on the bread box in the kitchen. (I made those in a ceramics class over 30 years ago.)

bread box 2-11-2014 4-25-51 PM

And these little knit skates on an old hall rack.

skates 2-11-2014 4-24-57 PM

Maybe it’s these snowflake picks in a crock?

snowflake picks 2-11-2014 4-27-17 PM

Or this snow family at the stair landing?

snow family 2-11-2014 4-24-26 PM 2-11-2014 4-24-26 PM

Oh, I know: I bet it’s because I still have the old ice skate and sled by the front door.

skate on sled 2-11-2014 8-50-25 PM

So that’s it; although it’s still February, perhaps it’s time to pack up all the snowflakes, snow people, ice skates and sleds and replace them with springtime decor!

It’s the least I can do….

~These Days Of Mine~