Sunday’s Adventure: Chincoteague

I’ve previously mentioned that Motor Man and I take his mother to lunch on Sundays and then, out for an afternoon adventure. Sometimes he and I plan it ahead of time, but many times, where we go is a surprise, even to me.

Sunday’s adventure was a surprise. We ventured to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, specifically the little waterfront village of Chincoteague. That’s about 140 miles from us, and the trip takes us across the 20-mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

On the bridge, as we were approaching the first of two tunnels, we noticed several cargo ships, anchored, waiting to enter the Port of Virginia.  This one, the Santa Paola, was actually underway. The internet tells me that its homeport is Monrovia, Liberia.

container ship best 2-16-2014 1-16-29 PM

As we emerged from the tunnel, I took this picture through the back window of our vehicle as the ship crossed over the tunnel. (Does anyone else find it a little eerie that a ship can be sailing over the road you’re traveling on…?)

cargo ship thru tunnel 2-16-2014 1-19-06 PM

Once we arrived on the Shore, we could see in the distance the Cape Charles lighthouse.

cape charles light 2-16-2014 1-31-38 PM

After driving through the village of Chincoteague, we drove onto Assateague Island. Oysters, anyone? That’s Assateague Light in the background.

oysterman and lighthouse 2-16-2014 3-36-58 PM

Assateague is also home to a herd of approximately 150 ponies. I remember loving the book “Misty of Chincoteague” when I was a little girl. Each summer, the Chincoteague Volunteer Firemen sponsor a pony swim. The ponies ( who live on Assateague) are herded up and moved (swim) from Assateague to Chincoteague, where the foals are auctioned. This link gives more information; it’s an interesting read. The Pony Swim would be amazing to see in person, but the site says tens of thousands of people attend, so I think we’ll pass.

horses 2-16-2014 3-56-24 PM

There’s a beautiful beach on Assateague, and a kind stranger took a picture of the three of us with the Atlantic in the background. As you can see, it couldn’t have been a prettier day for a drive.

jr db mom 2-16-2014 3-48-30 PM

On our way back toward the Bridge Tunnel, we drove through the little town of Cape Charles at sunset. The container ships are still waiting in the distance.

sunset from cape charles 2-16-2014 5-31-14 PM

Motor Man always has something up his sleeve. His Mom and I say that, when you get in the vehicle with him, you never know where you’ll go. But it’s always a fun ride.

~These Days Of Mine~


22 responses to “Sunday’s Adventure: Chincoteague

  1. Your MIL looks like she’s loving the beautiful afternoon and destination. A 20-mile long tunnel? I’ve never ridden in or driven through one that long!

  2. Life with JR is an adventure in itself….never, never boring. It looks so beautiful…I’m glad the weather cooperated.

  3. OK, you are officially standing on one of my favorite places on the planet. When Caleb was young, we took him to Chincoteague almost every year for vacation. It was so much more family friendly and he loved the big bridge. We watched the second one getting built during those trips, and yes it was a bit eerie to dip beneath the water knowing ships were just overhead. Eerie – but way cool!!

    One of the trips my mother and aunt always claimed was a favorite, was when I took them to the Oyster Festival in Chincoteague. I took my mother somewhere every year and when her sister could join us, she did. The three of us always had a blast and I thought they deserved a little time free of young children to just enjoy themselves. Seeing you guys there with Mom makes me remember those lovely days at the shore.

  4. Also a fan of “Misty of Chincoteague”! I find the ship crossing over the tunnel a little eerie.. yes I do.. 😯 CH would love some oysters!

  5. Mystery rides are such great fun for everyone. My cousin’s and I use to do that with our children when they would come to New England for a visit. It sounds like you all had a great day. The pictures are great. We get some amazing ships that travel through the Cape Cod Canal as well, I’m not sure if it runs during the winter months but there is a web cam to check it out. I just went to see if I could find the link but it is definitely down for the winter.
    Always enjoy reading your posts, hello to all.

  6. What a delightful Sunday surprise! I stayed at Chincoteague with friends a long time ago and recall the beautiful wild Asateague beach, the stories of the ponies, lots of great seafood and crab.

  7. JR must have been an explorer in one of his past lives. Aren’t you the lucky one to have found him!

  8. Well MM has some magic sleeves and it’s always fascinating to see what adventure he takes you all on.
    Love the ponies and the day was perfect.
    It’s so great you have you 3 in a photo to treasure the memory. I know MM’s Mom must enjoy being with you two.

  9. i loved that book, too. 🙂

    neat ship with all the colorful cartons on it.

  10. Looks like a fun day with great weather for a ride! – & it’s always an adventure with Motor Man behind the wheel !

  11. Olde Towne Photos

    What a funventure and thanks for sharing it. MM might need to install an observation dome so you don’t miss anything.

  12. What a nice Sunday adventure the three of you enjoyed! Thanks for taking us along. I have to admit that the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel really freaks me out and I’m not eager to travel through it again any time soon. 😮

  13. Amazing crisp images. Love that lighthouse in the distance.

  14. What wonderful memories you are making together – glad you have the pictures as a visual reminder. That is a wonderful picture of the three of you. We LOVE going across the CCBT also. The ships are a bonus. I haven’t been to Chincoteague since I was a teenager. Dad and Mom carried us to the “Pony Penning” when we were younger. It’s time to go back to visit. What girl didn’t LOVE “Misty”???

  15. Love these photos! Your mother-in-law is very lucky!!

  16. Looks like an absolutely perfect day. Mom says that that was one of her most favorite books when she was little.

  17. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous area I hope to visit one day. Your MIL looks proud as punch to be out & about with you both.

    And I loved “Misty of Chincoteague” as a girl, too.


  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    JR is full of surprises, how fun is that for the people around him. It looks like such a fun day. Chuck and I love the island!

  19. What a fun Sunday afternoon drive! I continue to be awed by the awesome scenery within a easy drive of your home.

  20. Love this! And I just found my copy of that book as well. It’s now in Livy’s room. 🙂

  21. What a great trip. That’s the same reason we’ve never attended the pony swim. It’s usually the weekend of Linn’s birthday, but he’s never let me go buy him a pony.

  22. Looks like it was a charming outing! Love the Misty story!

    And hey, the container ship looks familiar! We don’t get ships that large here in SE Alaska, we have barges. But the containers are stacked like lego blocks, just like you saw on the ship. Funny, until we lived on the coast, I was oblivious to the realities that barges and containers keep a lot of communities alive! You better believe everyone here knows when the barge comes in…that’s the time to get the freshest produce at the market! ~ Sheila

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