Random Five Friday

As I noted last week, the official Random Five Friday meme is no more. But my readers seem to enjoy the R5F posts, so I’ve decided to go it alone.

1.) Gypsy “helped” me with office work yesterday.  She is oblivious to the calculator, until I start using it. Then she’s captivated with that paper. I’ve learned if I need to keep a calculator tape, I’d better tear it off quickly, before she has a chance at it. Thankfully, this wasn’t one I needed.

gypsy with calculator

2.) Sundae was at the window “chattering” earlier this week.  She must have thought this was the biggest bird she’d ever seen.

sundae and duck 4-22-2014 8-23-56 AM

3.) Continuing with the animal theme, recently, there were three herons (right, TexWis?) waiting by the river at sunrise to catch breakfast. I’ve never seen three so close together. As soon as I snapped this picture – through the window – they flew away in unison. Now, THAT would have been a picture.

3 egrets herons 4-20-2014 6-42-59 AM

4.) A few of my readers asked that I post about some of the cards I make. I’ll try to write in depth about that soon, but here’s one I made this week for Marshall’s grandmother. She’ll be 94 in a couple of weeks. It was my first try at watercolor, and, although I have lots to learn, I’m pleased with the results. (The bird image is a stamp, I just watercolored the grass and the blue around it.)


5.) This may very well be the ONLY selfie I’ll ever share. I was having an exceptionally good hair day (not to brag) and wanted to document it. And, no, my hair isn’t red: I was standing under the lights in our bathroom.

db hair

Enjoy the weekend, friends!

~These Days Of Mine~


28 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Love that picture of Gypsy helping you in the office (ha)……good for you on your first attempt at watercolor – it’s a pretty card……and congrats too on your selfie – I can’t stand to see myself “up close” like that but you look great as do your hair highlights!


  2. A good hair day is worthy of a post all of its own! Enjoyed seeing the card – very nice!

  3. Love RFF~! and exceptionally good hair days deserve their own photo. I usually have one … the day my hair is scheduled to be cut 🙂

    That’s a pretty card you made and I’ll bet it’s well received.


  4. You did great for your first watercolor. Now that you’ve done on, doing more will be easy!
    Your hair always looks pretty. How did you ever manage office work without Gypsy’s help?!

  5. Your random five is so interesting. I loved your card and your highlights are beautiful. That Gypsy is certainly entertaining.

  6. The card is beautiful! GREAT hair day. I usually have 2 weeks of hating my cut, 2 weeks of loving my cut, and then 2 weeks of “HELP, I need a haircut!

  7. The card is beautiful. I’m very surprised to hear that is your first attempt with watercolors…great job!

  8. Great pics and yes—-we have to document good hair days!!! Mine are few and far between. Love the card!!! I am in the process of making cards for Hospice—-did I tell you that before? I have given them 325 I think since October. Whew! The basic card is the same but every one I have made has been different because I use different papers and embellishments but the message stamps are the same. I would love to see more of yours!!!

  9. What a helpful office aide Gypsy is! 😉 You are one talented lady, my friend – that card is lovely. And by the way, good hair days are definitely worth documenting!

  10. Olde Towne Photos

    Hoping you’ll have a great weekend with plenty of visitors.

  11. Delightful Friday 5. I’ve always wanted to try water color. How wonderful you can incorporate it in cards and it makes such a lovely gift for M’s grandmother.
    Don’t you just love it when that happens…a good hair day?
    It’s fun to watch our kitties…er…in T-Bob’s case cat…all of a sudden take interest in paper and “have at it”, so to speak, or to see him on the window sill taking in the outside. He’s an indoor cat hardly having ever ventured outside.

  12. Fun R5! I like your selfie but it would have been nice to see your smile.. 🙂 Good hair days make for great days! I love watercolor and I think it is a very pretty card. Good Morning Dianna! Enjoy your weekend!!!!

  13. to see 3 herons in such close proximity is rare! and i love your hair. 🙂 cute gypsy, too!

  14. Love the water color and love the hair!

  15. I’m glad you’ve decided to go it alone for R5F.. I’m sure other readers here will agree!
    I think Gyp wonders how long that paper is, so she’s trying to pull it ALL out ??? – that’d be a blog post !
    That’s a beautiful card – I know I’ll see it on display when we go visit Granny on her birthday 🙂

  16. The card is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Maybe Gypsy is taking on the job of shredding paper for you..

  17. Love the selfie!! And yes, an exceptionally good hair day should be documented, if for no other reason than to show your hairdresser!!

  18. Your hair looks great. Well done on the selfie. Always great to see Gypsy and how an invaluable office manager she is. Sundae is such a great guard-kitty. i like the herons.
    Your card is charming. You did a wonderful job on it. I look forward to hearing and seeing more about card making. Your a very talented lady. 🙂

  19. Love the paper chewing cat! What would Sundae do if she was outside with that big bird? I can’t believe the herons were standing that close together! LOVE LOVE LOVE the card and yes, I would take a selfie too if my hair looked that good!

  20. Your hair is gorgeous! I am so jealous. And your card sample is a beauty too. Glad you will go it alone on the Random 5’s I so enjoy. 🙂

  21. I miss R5F, and think I’ll keep doing them, too. It’s a nice way to keep in touch with what’s happening. You do have gorgeous hair, nice selfie! Gypsy’s your new shredder, she knows security is important. I like the look of watercolors and enjoy playing with them, too.

  22. Great random 5. Especially a great hair day!

  23. I agree with Marshall, glad your keeping RFF. Seeing the herons lin a group is different for sure. As for Gypsy, she your office helper and Sundae, I am sure was think what a big bird!! Love you hair and card. Good job on both.

  24. Your hair looks great! I like the idea of documenting a good hair day.

  25. Beautiful watercolor Dianna! ❤️Your hair looks great too❤️

  26. Great card and BEAUTIFUL layered hair–and shiny!

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