It’s been awhile since I participated in a Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, but I thought I’d try one of the prompts this week.

3.) Begin with “I wish someone had told me…”

I wish someone had told me, when I boarded the school bus for the first time at six years old, how to handle the bullies.  Because they would make my school life miserable for the next twelve  years.

First Grade

First Grade

I wish someone had told me, when I was a teenager in high school, that the other kids that I thought were “stuck up” were most likely just as shy and insecure as I was.

db 14 4-30-2014 7-37-35 PM

I wish someone had told me, when Marshall was a baby, how quickly the years would pass. (Oh, wait, I think everyone did.)

marshall toes

I wish someone had told me to document the details of every story my Mom ever shared with me.

dianne mom

I wish someone had told me, many, many years ago, to speak up for myself and not be intimidated by everyone and everything. Motor Man was, finally, that someone.

jrdb 16 3-13-2014 4-45-18 PM

Mama’s Losin’ It

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31 responses to “Someone

  1. Oh, your first one resonates with me. So glad there is a political awareness of how uncool it is to bully. That helps but parenting is hard and so is grandparenting. GS1 has left his beloved elementary school in CA and is making his way in a new school in TX. This grandma is wishing, hoping and praying he has good school days.

  2. This is a beautiful post. The pictures and the text work together perfectly–and I can relate to so many of the ways you felt at various stages of your life. . .

    And, it’s fun to see what you looked like over the years. 🙂

  3. **Tears** It so hard to have endured the bullies and the losses but I’m so pleased life rewarded you with MM — a true love who champions and supports you – Yes!

    What a cutie you were and are 🙂

  4. You should try prompts more often! This is a lovely post! Great pix too!

  5. Sweet post today…..I was a victim of a bit of the bullying thing early on and wound up withdrawing into myself – which wasn’t all bad – I turned to reading and writing; both of which have served me quite well as years have gone by. Sweet photo of you and Marshall and of course you and MM as well as your Mom.


  6. Wow, Dianna…this is the best post I’ve read in quite some time. The pictures along with the wisdom you’ve acquired throughout your life…beautiful! I’m sorry you were bullied.

  7. I wish someone had told me years ago that I would meet a wonderful friend and then I met you!

  8. And no one had to tell me the first time I held you, that I would love you ! I knew..Love your post, baby sister.

  9. I’m glad you finally met someone (Motor Man) who helped you realize what a great person you are. You make a lot of someones out here in cyberland smile every time you post. Poignant post today, Dianna. 🙂

  10. A list that most of us can relate to on one level or another. I moved around so much as a kid (Army brat, etc.) that I was never really a victim of bullying. What I regret is not sticking up for the kids who were being bullied more than I did. Wish someone had told me to do so!

  11. I remember how cute you were with your beautiful, long, dark hair and the sway in your walk. You were so adorable and I never understood why that one “guy” always tormented you. He bullied me too. Some people never grow up and he still hasn’t. All I can feel for him is pity. You have grown into such a wonderful person and have survived in spite of so many tragic events. I admire you so much for the strong person you are. You are so lucky to have MM. What a great couple you make. I am so happy that you finally have the wonderful life you deserve. Keep smiling!

  12. that was a beautiful post, many thanks. It’s sad you had to bear that bullies in school. But when we meet some of those evildoers today, they mostly aren’t still the Kings of the school yard or any Kings, maybe that’s a kind of retributive justice :o)

  13. I think we learn things, in time, when we are ready. Everybody’s time clock is different. At least you did learn. Some never do.

  14. Truly a post from the heart. I was bullied in 2nd grade and my Mom moved me to another school. All was ok after that. And Dianna your thoughts about documenting every story your Mom ever told you.. ditto for me including Mom’s recipes. Lovely pictures and post!

  15. I am so sorry you were bullied, I never knew you were bullied – I always thought you were the sweetest nicest girl – a little shy maybe – it was a great post – and I think most of us share some of those thoughts and feelings! I remember that picture of you from first grade! Thanks for sharing!

  16. so very sweet and from the heart.

  17. We’ve talked about this before, but I wish we had been better friends in school. However, I was very immature and only interested in myself, boys and fun, and you were so much more mature and, no criticism intended, I’m pretty sure didn’t approve of the way I acted. You were pretty much spot on with that! I wish I had stood up for you more. Anyway, as we’ve discussed, I guess we had to go through all that to get where we are today. So now we love each other, and take pictures of us hugging with my weirdo hand gestures! And laugh, laugh, laugh!!!

  18. Yes, a very meaningful post today …
    What is it about the bullies? Especially on the schoolbus?
    I would tell people that school could be a war zone sometimes, but the bus was like no-man’s land for some reason; always worse than the classroom.
    Anyway… you overcame all of that, and Motor Man has been right there…
    Great post !

  19. that was deep…. thank you for sharing those thoughts with us!

  20. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I guess the bullies and the shyness is what brought us together for a while. Children do not realize or care how they can hurt other children sometimes. We both are so blessed to have the wonderful husbands we have to help bring us out of our shell.

  21. Well said. So glad that Motor Man loved you enough to help you grow – not to be intimidated. If only we could all respect the wonderful person inside EVERYONE. There’d be no more bullying.

  22. These really resonate with me, especially the one about high school. Also the one about your mother makes me think of my grandmother, and all the stories that she had told me when I was little, but I don’t really remember anymore.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s

  23. Great words of wisdom as always:) Dianna, you are such a beautiful person inside and out. It seems so crazy that anyone would have done that, although I remember hearing of instances in high school even though we didn’t ride the same bus. Like Susan said, I too wish we had been better friends then but am so glad that through social media we reconnected and became true friends:) I very much believe that nothing we experience in life – for good or for bad is wasted. It makes us the person we are today. I am thinking that your wonderful heartfelt compassion for others is something positive that developed because of your past♥ L/M

  24. Love the photos, as always! I wasn’t bullied, but I was very shy and insecure. It was only years later that I learned I had a reputation of being “stuck up” because I was so quiet and reserved. I was stunned that anyone would think that. It certainly wasn’t true, and I thought my insecurity and awkwardness was painfully obvious. But you never know what others are seeing / thinking, right?!
    Great list! ~ Sheila

  25. We agree!

  26. Beautiful wishes. I agree with them all.

  27. Sometimes it feels like we wasted a lot of years without the added insight of knowing what we might look back on regret. I’m going to take your advice and start writing my mom’s stories now!

  28. The one about mom’s stories that got away…how well I know. This was a wonderful list. Hope you’ll be back again soon!

  29. And you’ve blossomed ever since! Thanks, Motor Man.

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