Cats Are Cats

Earlier this week, I stopped in at our local DAV thrift shop to check on the vintage glassware. (I still have that glass bird feeder project in the back of my mind.)

I found a couple of pieces, paid for them, and had started to the door, when this book caught my eye.

book cover 7-9-2014 7-38-23 PM

I glanced through it, liked the couple of poems I read and was amazed at the art work, so I decided to buy it.

Just look at this illustration.

eyes 7-9-2014 7-38-56 PM


the green eyes
of a cat
look deep into

you know
whatever it is
they are saying

Lillian Moore

It seems there’s almost always been a cat in my life through the years. During my childhood, most of them were strictly outdoor kitties. The poem with this next illustration brought back sad memories of all the cats in my past who simply disappeared. For days months, I longed for each kitty to return, until finally I realized that it was gone forever.

lost 7-9-2014 7-41-38 PM

She took a last and simple meal when there were none to see her steal–
a jug of cream upon the shelf, a fish prepared for dinner;
And now she walks a distant street with delicately sandalled feet,
And no one gives her much to eat or weeps to see her thinner.

O my beloved come again, come back in joy, come back in pain,
To end our searching with a mew, or with a purr our grieving;
And you shall have for lunch or tea whatever fish swim in the sea
And all the cream that’s meant for me — and not a word of thieving!
E.V. Rieu

But this is probably my favorite poem in the book

A Different Door

When rain stays, gray and unabating,
And long kept in he stares out, waiting,
And no one heeds and starts unlatching
Our back door, Tom tries front door-scratching.

That cat, he’s not what you’d call bright –
Still, for a chance, however slight,
At wren-songed skies where rainbows soar,
Who wouldn’t scratch some different door?

X.J. Kennedy

Other than the poetry and illustrations, there were a couple of other things about this book that amazed me.

1.) It’s signed by the author,

signature 7-9-2014 7-42-04 PM


2.) The author signed it to the library of Marshall’s alma mater. Although neither of us remember it, he could possibly have read this book in elementary school.

Oh, and did you notice the price tag?  98-cents. What a bargain.

~These Days Of Mine~


24 responses to “Cats Are Cats

  1. Looks like a wonderful find……love the poems and illustrations too – you were MEANT to find that book I think!


  2. I am with Pam! That is a priceless, sweet, touch the heart find! I am into book illustrations and these are beautiful! I am so happy the book found a great home.. just like Sundae and Gypsy!

  3. Serendipity with a capital “S” – and the beautiful illustrations – wow!

  4. Cats are cats 🙂

  5. I LOVE your find! The illustrations are amazing and to have a signed copy of a book is always amazing to me. Thanks for sharing those selections with us. 🙂

  6. Love the book and am still puzzled at its journey. Ed Young is also a wonderful Caldecott-award winning illustrator of many children’s book. What a combination. You have a treasure.

  7. You always manage to find delightful unexpected prizes!

  8. sweet – and sad poem!

  9. What a great find and a bargain too! Sweet little book. I’ve always had kitties in my life also. Before I was born my parents had a cat named Cindy (who just disappeared one day) and I used to tease them that they named me after a cat! Most of our cats disappeared and we never knew what happened to them except one – a barn kitten I brought home one day. My parents had him for 18 years and he died while my mom held him. He was their last kitty.

  10. Olde Towne Photos

    What a treasure. Such touching words. I couldn’t begin to count the kitties that have owned me over the years. Each one a gift.

  11. I think the book found YOU!

  12. Such a grand find! I totally understand the second poem. Once I went to a frightening man’s place searching for my wandering kitty, who finally made his way back home. Thanks for sharing the book with us.

  13. Thanking a friend who just this morning directed me to your blog, both because we share a love of cats and also live in Isle of Wight. What a treasure you found ~ lovely poems and beautiful illustrations.

  14. Great illustrations and great verse to go with them…. & autographed! – definitely a find !

  15. What a fabulous find Dianna! All those wonderful poems and illustrations to treasure for only 98 cents! You definitely have “an eye.” 🙂

  16. Well, I’d certainly have bought it too…lovely art work for sure and poems of cats…can there be enough? …

  17. Way to go Dianna, you made me cry, The poems are true of heart and the beauty of the book is perfection. This reminds me of my Babycat. I miss her so much.
    Congratulations on this treasure and thanks for sharing it with us.

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a treasure you have found, Dianna, in so many ways! I would certainly display that in my home.

  19. That book was meant for you, Dianna! You’re a good treasure hunter. 🙂

  20. That is a sweet book. I remember kitties disappearing, never to return, or once in a blue moon, return injured. Does this mean we’ll be seeing that bird feeder soon?

  21. That book was certainly meant for you 🙂

  22. I’ve loved them all: Bedeau, Liddule, Simone, Smoky, Wayang, Sabrina (Bee-Bee), and the ever dingy Colette (Kitty-Kitty). As sweet, warm, and amusing as an “Andy Griffith” episode.

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