Random Five Friday

Can you believe that Friday has rolled around again? Here are this week’s R5:

1.) Yesterday, we added one more “wild creature” to those who share our yard with us. It only took three weeks for a hummingbird to discover my feeder. I’m hoping he/she spreads the word to friends. (I read that hanging red ribbons on the feeder may help draw hummers. Since it was taking so long for them to find it, I really decked it out in red.)

hummer 7-10-2014 1-40-39 PM

2.) A couple of days ago, Motor Man called me to come quickly with the camera. He had spotted a tiny fawn out in our yard. By the time I made it to the window, the fawn had gone into the marsh grass. He seemed to be lost; hope his mama wasn’t too far away.

fawn best 7-7-2014 3-54-30 PM

3.) Marshall recently sent me this picture of his kitty, Snugg, relaxing in the bird bath. Snugg is such a ham.


4.) Yesterday we had storms and over an inch of much needed rain. The sky was beginning to clear later in the evening, and I had a feeling the sunset would be a pretty one. But I tired of waiting for it (8:28), and had changed into my jammies. (Guess I’ve officially attained the status of old lady.) Motor Man was nice enough to get a picture for me us.

flag and sunset 7-10-2014 8-11-36 PM

5.) Weekend plans include antiquing with a friend, a birthday party for our great niece, Livy, racing and possibly a Sunday adventure with Motor Mum.

Happy Weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~


22 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Glad the hummers finally found the feeder! Snugg is a ham but he looks so happy in that nice cool birdbath……have a wonderful weekend!


  2. That Snugg is a real ham-bone … loved all of your R5’s but especially MM’s sunset shot 🙂

  3. No hummers for me yet. Last year we had masses of them at the end of the season so I wonder if I am going to have to wait for that for them to come. Snugg looks very…well…snug! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Enjoy.

  4. I love it when Snugg shows up at These Days of Mine! I don’t know what took those hummers so long to find that darling feeder and your 5 star resort, you’d thought someBODY would have told them by now. Motor Man clicks a very nice picture! Your weekend plans sound fun! Good Morning!

  5. Since it took the hummers so long to find your “restaurant”, I guess the swans hadn’t put the word out in the general bird population!
    Snugg knows how to cool off!

  6. And now you’ll have hummingbirds each and every year. They are such creatures of habit. Love the cat in birdbath shot!

  7. Motor Man did well! Snugg needs to work on his camouflage. 😉

  8. Love your five!

  9. Yes, red does attract those hummers, that’s why we always plant red petunias in our front porch boxes. You’ll enjoy watching those tiny little creatures and your feeder is so cute! Oh, Snugg, what a performance, you ham! That’s one way to scare the birdies away. 😉

  10. thanks, marshall, for the cute kitty. thanks, mm, for the view!

  11. Glad the hummers found your bottle ! – They should be happy with a unique feeder like that one …
    Thanks for all the comments on Snugg! – when he’s up there, I say he’s a ‘catbird’ ………

  12. That’s a very elegant hummingbird feeder. I’m so glad they’ve found it. Hummingbirds are like little angels.
    That fawn is beautiful.He’s so sweet.I hope he found his Mama again.
    lol Gotta love the Snugg. He’s one handsome hunter. He’s got bird hunting down to an art. lol Thank Marshall for sharing this smile.
    Lovely sunset photo. It’s very artistic with the boat and flag. Wonderful!
    Sounds like your weekend is full. I hope you all have jolly good times.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another great R5F! That hummingbird feeder is precious, so glad they found it. The fawn is so small, hope mama found it. I don’t think there is any doubt that Snugg is kin to Sundae and Gypsy the way they all like the camera and to play around and have fun! Thank JR for going out and taking that lovely sunset picture. It sounds like you all have a full weekend so enjoy.

  14. Well, hummies are extremely territorial with feeders, but others will discover it…it’s beautiful! I love our hummies. We watch the battles from May until September. The closer the time comes for their migration, the better the battles. Enjoy!

  15. Snugg is such a cutie! (S)he looks to be having a nice time in the birdbath. 🙂

  16. You’re lucky. A few years ago we put up a hummingbird feeder, but they never found it.

  17. Another wonderful set of Random Fives. Glad you’re getting hummers and I just read how much they love red, so you are on the right track. I also just learned that mother deer leave their fawns sometimes all day – usually in deep grass where they are camouflaged. People tend to pick them up thinking they are abandoned and take then to shelters but it’s the wrong thing to do. I love Motorman’s shot of the sunset and Marshall’s kitty in the birdbath. A great post!

  18. We have hummers but not as many as last year. I love them. We used to have tons when we lived in Colorado, they are so amazing.

  19. Great Shots! Especially thehummers! Mes LOVES hummers!

  20. We just LOVE hummers, too. What is it? Did you have a Sunday adventures that we’ll be seeing great shots of? Isn’t God’s world beautiful? Thanks for sharing your corner of it.

  21. I adore hummingbirds too. Watched one working the hibiscus blooms yesterday. They are amazing.

  22. That’s such a pretty feeder. I’m not surprised a hummer came and claimed it. Snugg is a mess! LOL

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