Summer Sundays

Since I’ve been an adult, there have been many times during summer months, that I’ve thought back to the summer Sundays of my growing up years.

Sundays were special; Mom would get up early and fry chicken for lunch, always making sure to have our Sunday clothes carefully put away in a room with the door closed. It wouldn’t do for our clothes to smell of fried chicken when we went to church.

After church, either one or both of my adult sisters would be at our house with their children to have lunch with mom and me. Looking back, I’ve often wondered where everyone sat. It was a tiny kitchen with one of those formica-topped  tables and four chairs. I’m sure we brought in extra chairs from around the house to seat everyone.

Since our house had no air-conditioning at the time, those summer Sunday afternoons were spent outside. By the time I was twelve, I had three nieces and three nephews. The adults sat and talked under the shade of an “umbrella” tree, and we children played on the swing set or rode bicycles/tricycles.

Yesterday, my mind went back to those summer Sundays. And I was curious: what years, during my childhood, did July 20 fall on a Sunday? Of course, it didn’t take long to find an answer on the internet. I was quite surprised: it happened in 1958, when I was five years old. I obviously don’t recall too much about that summer.

And here’s the surprising part: the next time July 20 came on a Sunday was in 1969, when I was sixteen.

Not that summer, but a few months later

Not that summer, but a few months later

Now, as a sixteen year old, I certainly wasn’t to be found playing with “children” that summer; I was in the throes of a major crush on a local boy with wavy brown hair, blue eyes and a navy blue Torino GT.

internet image

internet image

 On the radio, we were listening to “In The Year 2525”, “Crystal Blue Persuasion”, “Bad Moon Rising”, and “Quentin’s Theme” (from Dark Shadows).

Oh, and what were we watching on TV?  That particular day:


internet image of the moon landing

That was a summer Sunday:  a mere 45 years ago yesterday.

~These Days Of Mine~


29 responses to “Summer Sundays

  1. Time flies……it’s amazing to think just how much time has passed from “those summers of our youth” to now……things were much simpler then but I’m happy I’m still making summer memories now!


  2. I was 3 years old that summer yet I remember (and still sing along to) many of those same songs! You sure were/are a cutie 🙂

    Ahhh … summer!

  3. Sounds sort of like our Sundays, Sunday School and church at Oak Grove, lunch of fried chicken and potato cakes – with caramel cake for dessert – at Mammy-B’s – then the adults would sit on the porch and the children would plan along the lane – those really were wonderful days!!!

  4. Your summer Sundays were similar to mine — no air conditioning so the adults sat in the shade and kids played. We either had Sunday visitors or we went visiting in the afternoons. And the summer of 1969, I was 15, listening to the same songs as you, with a crush on a boy, and watching the moon landing on TV while absolutely enthralled.

  5. In 1958 I was 7 and I graduated from high school in 1969 and do I ever remember “Crystal Blue Persuasion”.. loved that song and when it comes on the oldies station or Sirius now I am flooded with memories. On Sundays we headed for 8:30 Mass and later my Mom always had a roast in the oven with cream of mushroom soup poured over it and a cherry pie for dessert. Fun post this morning Dianna!

  6. Thanks for the “walk down memory lane”. And another thanks for the reminder that the first moon landing was 45 yrs ago today. Back then, there was a lot more attention focused on space exploration. It was so new that we were never positive our astronaut heroes would come home safely!

  7. Oh those songs brought back memories for me! I am going to have to have a Spotify 1969 day or something to relive those. Great memories and I love the “close the door so no fried chicken smell is on the clothing” thought. 🙂

  8. I miss those Sundays, too! And the holiday dinners that you and Grandma came to at our house. I miss a table full of loved ones. Thank you for reminding me!

  9. Oh my gosh, Dianna. I had that same hairstyle!! Did you tape your little sideburns up at night? I confess that I did. And I remember my family transfixed in front of the TV watching the moon landing. Thanks for bringing back great old memories.

  10. What a nostalgic post. I LOVE the memories evoked this morning. And my Mom would cook the butterbeans for lunch and leave them in the pan on the stove (supposedly turned off). Many a time we’d get part the way to church and she’d ask Dad to turn around and go back so she could check to be sure that she had turned the beans off. Such fun and a slower pace – well, to me as a child anyway. Thanks, and I remember that haircut, sweater, and blouse with the Peter Pan collar.

  11. Margaret Spencer

    So enjoy your writing; please share more.

  12. Gosh! Yous and my Mommy is the same age! Mommy was working at a dude ranch that summer. she remembers coming back from milking the cows that morning and 2 of the guys was wrestling a TV down the stairs to the great room. Normally we never ever saw a television out there so we knew it was something special! Instead of going out and doing a long trail ride, 35 kids ranging in age from 5-18 quietly sat and watched the grainy picture on an old black and white TV.

  13. You know I remember that Sunday afternoon. So cool you do too, and continue to pay it tribute. Love all the body in your hair and the collar of your shirt. That brings back memories. Very cute photo.

  14. This is one of your best! Love the pictures and all the research you did to make it all happen. I’m sure we will all now wonder where were we? What were we doing at that time?

  15. Awesome! … a glimpse through the window of the years ….

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another one of your great blogs that bring back wonderful memories! Our summer Sundays were much like yours, good times and family. It is funny some of us had the same hair style, mine too. Those were good days, gone but not forgotten.

  17. Wow, this is great, Dianna! “Crystal Blue Persuasion”, I love that song! My birthday is tomorrow, although I’m not turning 45..been there, done that, it’s nice to take a trip back in time. 🙂

  18. What a beautiful 16 year old you were! And I’ll bet that boy thought you were too. “Thanks for the memories….” Great post. 🙂

  19. Wonderful memories of summer days and simpler times. 🙂

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