A Star Is Born

Today….. a first on These Days: my first uploaded video.  A movie premiere, if you will.

A couple of days ago, I was outside, filling the bird baths. The swans were in another part of the yard, where they usually frequent. Groom Swan walked across the yard to where I was.   He was very interested in what I was doing, so I sat down on the ground and took this video with my cell phone. He was so close, I actually had to lean back to get all of him in the frame.

I apologize that the video is so large, and I have no idea how to make it a smaller size, but I wanted to share Groom Swan with my readers.  (And I have no idea why I repeated everything I said to him.)  That same afternoon, I took a video of Bride Swan, with a cameo appearance by Groom, and I’ll share that in a post soon.

Just click on the picture to begin the video.

Groom Swan’s Movie Debut  on Vimeo.

My niece, Donna, for advice
My friend, Dave, for advice
The sweet gal at Radio Shack for advice
And Motor Man for his endless patience as I worked through the challenges of uploading and posting this video


~These Days Of Mine~

26 responses to “A Star Is Born

  1. Spectacular debut! Loved seeing Groom Swan and hearing your voice. Applause.

  2. Congratulations on your first video! Now I expect more!

  3. He’s such a handsome fellow…..but obviously was wondering why the “all you can eat bread buffet” was not available!


  4. You used the same voice that we all would – the one reserved to comfort and soothe someone who is vulnerable in our presence. He obviously trusts you Dianna! 🙂 MJ

  5. Well that was fun! Cool! 😀

  6. You are one brave girl, Dianna. True confession: I am sort of scared of swans. Groomie seems rather nice, though.

  7. Oh, Groom Swan is getting very tame – except for the toe biting thing. 😉 Your voice is as sweet as you are and i can tell you used that same intonation we all do which is reserved for animals and babies. So cute! And good job with the movie debut!!

  8. he is SO handsome! that snakey neck is really something – very cool to see him in action. 🙂

    and i repeat everything i say to animals and birds, too. 🙂

  9. Wish I knew how to share this on my knitting forum. I’ll mention it so maybe some of them will check out our new STAR!

  10. We always repeat what we say when we are talking to our babies! Love the video.

  11. Just GO GET HIM SOME BREAD! It’s wonderful you got to capture him on video because he’s the last black swan from a group of 6 or 7 and he won’t be around for ever. So sweet. So sweet.

  12. donnawarthan22@comcast.net

    Oh, Dianna! That was awesome! I too wanted to pet his neck. and I loved his little stumpy tail wagging. He obviously loves you and feels safe with you. I would not worry about the voice thing–we talk with our animals because our voice soothes them and they identify with it (don’t they?) That was a wonderful premiere and I smiled all the way through it! Thank you. Next time I will bring popcorn!

  13. Best movie I’ve seen this year! 🙂

  14. A fitting premiere for Groom — He wanted to be seen!
    & good work on the upload! – do I see something new starting here at TheseDays ?!

  15. What a joy to see Groom Swan in action and to hear your voice. A fitting debut for both of you. I can’t watch too many videos though. We are in “no man’s land” and the G’s are a problem.

  16. Beautiful swan! I have yet to figure out how to record sound with my smartphone.

  17. He is beautiful. Can’t wait to see bride swan next!

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You never stop amazing me, Dianna!! Great job on the video! I knew Groom Swam was handsome, but seeing the close up, he is beautiful! Looking forward to many more of your videos!

  19. Shirley Paterson

    I think your video is wonderful. What an interesting beautiful swan he is. I am in Canada (Alberta) and we get the Canada Geese, but not beautiful swans like the pair that are part of your family. He really trusts you. June has shown your photos to us and I watch for them all the time! Good job. I hope you plan on doing a video with the Bride and possibly one of both of them. I still love your wild horses as well.

    Designer from the Tea Party.

  20. He is an amazing bird. I’m impressed that you did a video. I’ve been wanting to try doing one someday.

  21. AMAZING!!! I’ve never been that close before! Thanks for the experience. Beautiful

  22. magnificent creature.

  23. Aw he’s gorgeous. I think he’s an instant star. You did great on videoing him. 🙂

  24. Oh that was wonderful. He’s gorgeous. I often repeat things to my cats when talking to them. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Haha! I hope you went for the bread, you know how actors are. Nice job!

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