A Day To Say Thank-You

One of my blogging friends has chosen to post each day this month, giving thanks for something specific in her life.

One of my Facebook friends has also chosen to update his status each day in November with a reason for thankfulness.

Reading their posts have made me realize how many things I (and most likely many of us) take for granted.

One of those things is our military, and so today, for Veteran’s Day, I’d like to mention those in our family who have served our country:

My Mom’s brother, Bennie, was drafted and served in World War II. He was taken POW in Germany, and along with a buddy, was able to escape the prison camp. I’ve shared this photo before, but it’s so touching, I thought it appropriate for today’s post. I was told this picture was taken the day before Bennie went to war. That’s him on the right, with his younger brother, Stanley, and their mom.  You can just see the worry in her expression. I wish I had a picture of her smiling face when she saw him return from war.

grandma, bennie, stanley-001

My Mom’s youngest sister, Sarah’s, husband also served in World War II. I don’t know anything about his service, but I’ve always thought this photo of him standing in front of historic Bacon’s Castle (where Sarah and her family lived at the time) was interesting.


My brother-in-law, Ed, enlisted in the Navy and served in the Mediterranean.


I remember first learning that, in this picture of me as a toddler, I’m wearing his sailor hat, and thinking that was pretty special.

db eds hat 1-22-2010 8-25-54 PM

And, of course, I’ve shared that Motor Man’s dad was drafted and served in World War II. This is one of my favorite pictures: he had just a day or two between boot camp and shipping overseas to visit with his newborn son.  When he returned, Motor Man was nearly 18 months old. Can you just imagine how difficult it was for him to leave his wife and baby in such uncertain times?


And now to modern-day: my great niece, Gail, just completed her service to our country in the Air Force.

gail and jase

Today, I’m remembering our veterans no longer with us, and thanking those who have served and and who now serve. We apologize for ever taking you for granted.

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “A Day To Say Thank-You

  1. What a beautiful tribute – thanks for sharing!

  2. A very nice tribute Dianna! Some sweet pictures that are close to your heart I am sure.

  3. Dianna, heartfelt and sincere. Thank you for this. The pictures and sentiment are genuine and moving, I wish more could read this! Thank you so much for reminding us the reason for the day.

  4. That was beautiful…thank you. I can shed some light on Sarah’s husband, Bill’s service. He was a Marine and served in the Pacific during WWII. I do know he saw action on Guadalcanal but not where else. Many thanks to all our veterans and those who still serve.

  5. Thank you for a poignant reminder. Everyday we get up and breathe fresh air, we should remember their sacrifice.

  6. I love this post and all the photos – that first one really captured my heart. I can feel the angst that mama felt as she sent her son off to war. Thankfully, she got her son back after his harrowing experience as a POW. Not only have our veterans sacrificed so much for us, their families have too. You’ve done them all a great honor by your post, Dianna.

  7. Wonderful tribute, Dianna! Thanks for sharing your photos too.

  8. Thank you for introducing these men and women to us. War and conflict is so close magnified by all we remember.

  9. That photo of Motor Man’s father, in particular, tugs at my heart. Look how very young he was and I sense he is afraid and sad. What times those were and how brave that generation was.

  10. Great photos…….they were all heroes in the past and so are those serving in the present. Ready to sacrifice for others…..it’s truly moving in so many ways.


  11. This post came together very nicely … a fitting tribute for today…

  12. What a wonderful remembering post! Thanks for sharing your family, we are thankful they were there (and are there) to defend peace.

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a wonderful tribute to veterans, Dianna. Very nicely done.

  14. A very impressive post Dianna and a fitting tribute to those who sacrificed for the American way.

  15. What a treasury of photos you have. Great post.

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