Just Visiting Or A New Neighbor?

Many times, I’ve shared with you photos of deer in our yard. But Motor Man spotted something unusual yesterday morning and called me quickly (and quietly) to the window.

young buck 11-11-2014 7-50-48 AM

Of all the deer I’ve seen here through the years, I really can’t recall ever seeing a buck. I moved from window to window, taking pictures, as he walked along the length of our yard.

buck best 11-11-2014 7-51-42 AM

Although we’ve occasionally seen deer walking in the street, it always strikes us as strange when they do.

in street 11-11-2014 7-53-46 AM

I should have called my neighbors to tell them they had company, but then, I would have missed getting these pictures.

deer2 11-11-2014 7-54-56 AM

What’s odd is, there was a young deer already in the neighbors’ yard (Motor Man spotted that, too), but it wasn’t traveling with the buck.

2deer 11-11-2014 7-55-15 AM

So the question is: was the buck just visiting our neighborhood? Or is he a new neighbor?  Although I’m sure he’ll wreak havoc on our flowers and shrubs, he’s so beautiful handsome, I’m hoping he’ll stay.

~These Days Of Mine~

24 responses to “Just Visiting Or A New Neighbor?

  1. He looks perfectly “at home.” 🙂 MJ

  2. ONce again, great pictures and clever commentary!! Is his color a little darker than usual? He has nice horns – hope he survives hunting season!!!

  3. That IS one handsome-looking buck. Maybe he was just ‘passing through’ and decided to stop to check out the buffet. 😉 I bet he’ll be back. Good for you that you caught your visitor on camera. A buck similar in size and horns came through our yard one morning and I saw him out our office window, but by the time I grabbed my camera, he hightailed it across the road into the woodsy area.

  4. I hope he’s a new neighbor…that way no hunter will kill him!! Perhaps he’s one of the fawns that visited before with him mom and now he’s all grown up!

  5. I wonder how old he is. Rick always comments on their age when he sees them. I agree with Rita, his coat is so dark.

  6. Beautiful & I’m GLAD he’s your neighborhood and not mine. Do you think there’s room for ours to visit, permanently?

  7. What a cool find. You managed well to get him so quickly!

  8. Look at him just prancing down the street. It looks to me like he might be taking up residence. Keep us posted.

  9. Beautiful pictures. Our lane alarm went off several times at 2 am so Bill shown his heavy duty light and found a deer in our yard. We have only seen one years ago on Christmas night. Can’t find him this morning.

  10. He is gorgeous!!!!!! I had one lone buck here last year –only saw him once and then never again. Always makes me wonder if someone got him or if he was just surveying his domain as he walked through.

  11. We see bucks often but not usually on their own. They generally have their “harem” with them……harem first of course so they can clear the way for THE BIG GUY!! HAHA…….anyway, he’s a beauty. The last one we saw (last week) was an “eight-pointer” – David was quite excited about seeing him.


  12. Wow, isn’t he just bootiful!! Whee hope you get more pigtures so him and forgive him if he eats your garden!!


  13. I’ve not seen one this dark before. We have two bucks cavorting around the property in the mornings and the evenings. They are quite bold and are the last to leave the acorns when we head towards them on our evening walks.

  14. He is handsome! What a pretty color, too.

  15. I hope he is a new neighbor so he will be safe! So beautiful!

  16. His dark coat really gives him a stately presence… he’s definitely a proud one….
    & he just might know that he’s safe in your yard !

  17. I hope he stays too. He is magnificent even in his youth. Imagine what he will look like when he’s fully mature! Those flowers and plants in the neighborhood must be healthy for sure.

  18. That’s incredible! We see plenty of deer, but not so many bucks. Ellie

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Oh my goodness, he is very stately looking! So glad JR spotted him. Great pictures!

  20. Oh Goodness, now we are a little homesick. There are not too any deer in the city anymore.

  21. That is a nice buck! So excited you got such great pics!

  22. He is an impressive deer! I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a buck with such large antlers.

  23. Oh he is a handsome fellow. You got great photos of him too.

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