The Beach: Beautiful, But Brrrr…..

Our weekend included a brief trip to the Outer Banks. No, it wasn’t entirely because of my not-so-subtle hint in Friday’s post; we needed to winterize our beach house.

We squeaked in a ride up on the beach to, hopefully, see some horses. They are a little harder to find as the weather gets cooler.

Even on the dreariest days, there’s beauty to be found on the beach, but it was exceptionally nice Saturday morning. The sun peeking through the clouds made for an interesting sky.

beach1 11-15-2014 9-05-30 AM

We almost had the place to ourselves. And the sand was as smooth and firm as a highway; no need for 4-wheel-drive except when we were crossing a dune.

beach 1a 11-15-2014 9-10-02 AM

We only saw six horses, none of them in very attractive settings. I zoomed in on this one to avoid background clutter. You can tell he’s already wearing his winter woolies.

horse2 11-15-2014 9-30-24 AM

He needed that coat Saturday morning: 38 degrees at the beach with a wind chill of 30.

However… some folks were apparently still in summer mode.

cyclists 11-15-2014 10-18-23 AM 11-15-2014 10-18-23 AM

Disclaimer: all photos were taken from the comfort of our vehicle. Brrr….

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “The Beach: Beautiful, But Brrrr…..

  1. It’s always a good day when you’re at the beach, no matter the weather. That first photo is spectacular, Dianna…definitely calendar worthy.

  2. Your first photo is platinum. Beautiful and yes, brrrr. It’s 35 here and snowflakes in Dallas.

  3. Looking at these pictures, you can almost feel the chill!!

  4. Our hooman went to the beach this wheekend too and she said it was furry chilly!


  5. Beaching, Brrrrr, Brave! I stay snuggled up nice and warm all weekend except for a nice hike yesterday sheltered by lots of trees. No fabulous pictures to share though; love that first one especially, Dianna.

  6. There’s no such thing as a bad scenery day at the beach, and you really have a knack for catching the best scenes. The horse with his coat is still beautiful.

  7. Well the beach is scenic at all times of the year but you were smart to stay inside the truck!! A little bit chilly out there – even most of the horses were “holed up” off the waterfront…….


  8. I can only imagine how cold it is. But there is a certain beauty in the sea during cold times.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. Love the wooly horse shot and the beach shots are delightful! That last shot is pretty dang cool.. 🙂 The sky!

  10. Fantastic first pic here… & I can feel the cold !

  11. Beautiful opening photo! It’s cold and rainy here in PA.

  12. I have always loved a deserted beach. It’s the best place to think things through, either in or out of a vehicle. Beautiful shots Dianna and the wooly horse is lovely.

  13. Love the colors in the first and last shots. Brrr, I don’t even want to imagine how cold it felt down there. That’s one handsome pony.

  14. Glad you didn’t freeze your toes getting these shots! Hope you had your woolies on just like the horses even if you were in your vehicle. 😉 I absolutely love that first shot — it’s so stunning and I can’t stop looking at it.

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