Random Five Friday

This week’s random thoughts:

1.) Recently I’ve been upset that so many of my plants have been severely damaged by deer. Allow me to introduce the next generation of plant destroyers.

2.) The deer may have damaged a fair amount of my glads, but because of our plentiful rainfall this summer, I’ve had an abundance of blooms. I’ve managed to salvage some for our enjoyment too.

glads bathroom 7-15-2015 2-06-15 PM

3.) I’m pleased to share some HAPPY news: William/Guillermo, the Corolla foal that was sick and had to be removed from the herd, has been released from the NC State vet school hospital, and is now at the Corolla rescue facility. They’re planning an open house in October, and we’re planning to be there. He’ll be adopted by a veterinarian who’s on the board of directors at Corolla Wild Horse Fund. That’s his surrogate mom, Pebbles, in the video with him.

4.) We arrived home yesterday after dinner and errands just in time to catch the sunset with a friend.

swan in grass 7-16-2015 8-05-47 PM

 5.)  Here’s a teaser for you.  Can you spot Marshall’s gray kitty, Chessie, in this photo?  She’s in there, and I’ll provide her exact location in Monday’s post.

hidden chessie

Enjoy the weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

19 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. YAY for Willilam – looks he’s frisky and healthy. Beautiful sunset, and I did find Marshall’s kitty. Well hidden though. Love your glads. Ours have survived the deer this year too. For some reason they haven’t bothered them. Great random. Good weekend to you.

  2. That’s great about little Guillermo…….he has a bright future thanks to so many humans who helped him! Deer are so beautiful it’s hard to be upset with them for eating our plants but it’s discouraging sometimes for sure. I think I spy Chessie in the bottom right of the photo? That’s a great spot for her to hide though!


  3. Oh, I’m so happy to hear little William is recovering. He’s an active little fella…so cute! The swan photo is absolutely gorgeous, Dianna. My eyes are a little blurry this morning…sigh…I can’t find Chessie.

  4. He’s so cute but what’s just as cute as Mom Pebbles – how she goes after him. She’s his mom, period! I found the kitty 🙂 MJ

  5. I love your blog! Nice commentary on your photo ops… Thanks for allowing us to appreciate what you see in everyday life.

  6. Such good news about William! I am so happy! I found Chessie but I have to admit I cheated and enlarged the picture ! 🙂 Sweet!

  7. Love the pink glads in th as t beautiful white picher! You shared the happy news about William, and though he is still so small we now know how large his heart is, and thanks to many people I hope he will lead a joyful life. I did not know the vet was going to adopt, yay! Finally, I know where Marshalls cat is–I looked and looked,I can only figure the picture was TAKEN by the kitty! Have a great weekend and thanks for a great week of blogging entertainment pictures, and news!

  8. Is this legal? But second comment—-wonderful fawn picture! I struggle trying to get a good hummingbird and deer picture. Yours is achingly sweet. I guess with the bad (plants razed) comes some good ( great photo ops like this sweet baby). You and Motor Man have a motoring good weekend!

  9. I even got my magnifying glass out and searched and did not find Chessie.

  10. Oh so good to see little William gallivanting healthy and happy. Those pesky deer, they enjoy a smorgasbord at our vegetable garden. But lucky you that you salvaged some gorgeous glads. They remind me of my mom, she always had some in her flower gardens. And, oh yes, I spied Chessie in that photo. Stealth kitty. 😉

  11. Such good news about Guillermo! – they even showed a vid of him on the local news the other night ..
    Those glads are amazing- great display, too.
    Hard to get mad at the deer, but I do understand!
    & .. I took that pic through a back window while she was on the deck railing. I could see her just fine as I took it, but the pic turned out to be real tricky ……. thanks for sharing it !

  12. I found Marshall’s kitty!! Your glads are beautiful, Dianna. Great news about Guillermo…I will have to get caught up on his story!

  13. What a happy Friday list of events. Your visiting swan at sunset, the fawn ready to hit a garden salad, and the gorgeous glads you rescued for the table. It’s a wonderful life. 🙂 P.S. I never could find Chessie in the photo.

  14. I love glads! I planted 25 bulbs this spring, and they have bloomed in spite of being roughed up by wind and rain. I see Chessie!

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Those glads are beautiful, Dianna. So glad the deer did not eat those. I must admit that deer is cute. What a joy it is to see William running around, what a blessing. To have a beautiful sunset pic and a swan you can not ask for anymore. Have a good weekend.

  16. 1) That’s a darling generation-next Baby deer; so innocent looking. Wonderful capture.
    2) Your glads are gorgeous. I haven’t grown any in years. Cut glads sure make a room cheerful.
    3) William is a miracle baby. I thank the good Lord above for sending him so many helpful folks to rescue him. I wish you had a few acres and could adopt him. That would be sweet.
    4) Your sunset with a friend is amazing. Beautiful! It would make a lovely framed wall print.
    5) lol I love it. That’s a peach of a kitty photo. It’s tough to see the little beauty.
    Hope your weekend is a good one.

  17. I’m glad William is doing well! So cute! Love the deer photo too, but as I’ve shared before, I know what they can do to your yard! But at least you have something to put in your vase! ~ Sheila

  18. William looks like he has to go fast to make up for lost time. Glad he’s got a new home in the works.

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