Random Five Friday

Once again, it’s time for some Friday randomness:

1.) On Wednesday of this week, I missed a very “impawtant” milestone:  the 2-year anniversary of the day Gypsy came to live with us. Yes, she still loves to cuddle on Motor Man’s chest, but it’s a little more uncomfortable for him than it was at one time.

gypsy lying on jr 9-8-2013 4-05-10 PM

2.) Some folks have a dog waiting for them in the yard when they get home…This is what sometimes awaits us.

swan 8-17-2015 1-27-55 PM

3.) Easiest cake ever: one box angel food cake mix and one can of pie filling. Stir together and bake in a 9 x 13 pan at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes. When I make it with apple pie filling, I top it with walnut pieces before baking.

apple cake 8-7-2015 8-58-53 PM

4.) A storm moved “down river” late yesterday afternoon, giving us minimal rain, but impressive scenery.

storm clouds 8-20-2015 7-28-02 PM

5.) Yes, I’m still peeved that they’ve destroyed nearly all my plants, but this is, perhaps, one of the sweetest deer pictures I’ve ever taken: baby nuzzling mom.

baby deer nuzzling mom 8-19-2015 6-49-29 PM

Farmer’s Market tomorrow with friends.  Your weekend plans?

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Gotta to try that cake recipe – looks delicious! Precious deer photo and beautiful swan and storm pics. Wish we could have gotten some rain from those clouds. Gypsy has the best home ever! Great Random Five.

  2. Do you frost the cake? I love easy recipes – thank you for sharing! Enjoyed your Friday randomness. 🙂 Happy weekend to you.

  3. Lucky Gypsy the day she found her ‘furever’ home. Yum to the cake. Okay, yeah, the deer are cute (kinda). Call me callous but I’m over calling those destructive animals precious. Too plentiful here and not only do they ruin our landscaping and farmers’ crops, they ruin our cars when they run out in front of us on the road. I read somewhere where they cause $4 million in damage to vehicles every year.

  4. I’m still in shock that it’s been two years since you got Gypsy!

  5. Sweet photo of the very lucky Gypsy who you and JR adopted – hard to believe it’s been TWO YEARS! That cake is one of my favorites to make and is delicious with EVERY kind of filling – apple is grand though we agree and David likes a blob of vanilla ice cream with that version! Love the deer photo too……….


  6. Great meandering Friday! Love the deer picture, you knew I would! You are incredibly lucky to be greeted by the lovely Elsa swan, wish I was, but Anyone that has animals of any kind in their life, is a blessed person! Look forward to a gorgeous day Saturday and a wonderful day with friends and family.

  7. Love you random 5. I love the deer picture. I also do the cake with a 20 oz. can of undrained crushed pineapple. These cakes are so easy. I top mine with Cool Whip!

  8. I’ll be downtown tomorrow, too …
    The clouds last evening were some of the most impressive I’ve seen in a long time..
    Gyp looked ‘at home’ in one of her favorite spots from the very beginning !
    & not many people have a swan waiting for them when they get home – especially one that knocks !
    & gotta’ have walnut pieces on a cake like that ; )

  9. Love Love Love Random 5!

  10. I love the kissing deer photo and have written down the angel food cake recipe. And Happy Anniversary Gypsy! What a great Random Five Friday!

  11. Enjoy your backyard visitors. You might need to train them to respect your flowers if they are to be frequent guests. Good luck with that. I am working this weekend and hoping to sneak in some knitting time while doing chores. Have a great weekend. I really enjoy seeing your photos. As June would say, it allows me to visit other areas without leaving home.

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Gypsy is and knows she a very lucky kitty. Who else do you know that has such a beautiful creature to welcome them home. I have also made that cake it’s very good and easy. The deer picture is so sweet if only they would not go after your plants. We did not get much rain from least night’s storm either.

  13. Okay, 2? Two years already?? What. Is. Up. With that?! I would’ve said one. Hands down. She’s such a cute cat.
    Your Randoms are all wonderful…I’m totally hung up on the cake though. Thank you for sharing that especially. 🙂

  14. Aww lil’ Gypsy girl — what a stroke of luck that, of all places to find her skinny little self, it was right near your shop? Lucky kitty!
    I think I’ve had that cake – but with Cherry filling — and I will try making it with apple – yum, perfect for fall.
    Our nephew is getting married today – and our boys are going with us – Just love a happy family wedding 🙂
    Cheers! MJ

  15. I’ve had the angel food cake with a can of pineapple, but hadn’t heard of using pie filling. Will have to try that! Happy “Gotcha Day” to Gypsy! That is a lovely shot of the deer, the swan definitely thinks it’s Home, the light on the boats and the storm clouds make for an award-winning photo.

  16. Such a sweet kitty. I am sure Motor Man does not mind where that cat sleeps. And, that cake… I must try it. Sounds divine.

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