Those Little Hummies

Although I’ve kept two hummingbird feeders filled since early in the summer, they have definitely seen much more activity in the past week or so.

A very knowledgeable source (my friend, Donna) tells me that it’s because our tiny feathered friends are storing up energy for their long trip south.  One recent afternoon, I noticed one of the hummers, not at the feeder, but on a nearby hydrangea branch.

hummie1 9-2-2015 3-41-59 PM

These pictures were taken through our bedroom window. I wish I could have gotten clearer shots.

hummie2 9-2-2015 3-53-59 PM

Because I took these pictures several different times over the course of the afternoon, I thought it was the same little hummie. When I uploaded the photos, I realized it was actually two different birds. Since this one doesn’t have the red throat, I’m guessing it’s a female…?

hummie4 9-2-2015 4-00-40 PM 9-2-2015 4-00-40 PM

Those little wings will soon be covering many, many miles.

hummie 9-2-2015 3-28-50 PM

Safe travels, my little friends. We’ll be waiting for you next summer. (Sniff, sniff…)

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20 responses to “Those Little Hummies

  1. Lovely wildlife captures. If you like you can join us and link in, on the latest edition of Through My Lens.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. I get so sad when these little fellas leave. We have three feeders and the activity is wild right now. They’ve got to juice up for the journey.

  3. Fascinating photos! I have never seen a hummingbird that color. Migration is also a fascinating thing, isn’t it?

  4. They really are remarkable little birds and so beautiful…….when I’m sitting on the front porch and they get within two feet of me in my rocker as they visit my porch flowers I get so thrilled by hearing their little wings going a zillion miles an hour. Great photos!


  5. Our hummies have been draining the feeders here too. Love the pics and that they were still long enough for you to get them.

  6. Oh my!! What wonderful photos. I seldom see them when they’re not in flight! WOW!

  7. The activity at the feeders here have slowed down so I am guessing some of the birds are headed south already. I am really going to miss them.

  8. These pictures are wonderful! Not only do I think you are are seeing more cause they are eating more, I think you may be seeing “travelers” on their way to Mexico. That is why it is advised to leave your feeders up with fresh food as long as you can for the stragglers. They imprint it and will come back next year to your feeder.Love, love these pictues! Happy Labor Day!

  9. Love your pictures! If anyone is interested in learning more, there is a wonderful website called…a lot of great information there and during
    the spring migration, they have a map showing the first sightings of hummingbirds as they move north.

  10. These are great … especially since they were taken over the course of the day & you have different ones pictured!
    They’re perching; resting up for that flight ….

  11. Sweet, sweet! Love your photos of these Ruby Throats! I know you will be sorry when they have flown south. We have year-round hummingbirds and I generally see three different kinds at my feeders, but mostly Annas and Black-chinned (a few Broad-Tailed). We went on an anniversary trip to Madera Canyon last year, which is just south of here, and saw Magnificents, Broad-billed, Blue-Throated and all the ones I normally see, by the dozens! It was wonderful!

  12. What a wonderful post and photos. I love the hummers. Sweet images. Have a happy new week!

  13. We don’t have any hummers, they left when the smoke came in, but wes has a zillion Starlings! They has vacuumed the berries off of everything!

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The hummers are so pretty. I am sure they will be back to visit you.

  15. Aren’t they gorgeous. Loving the shimmery red color of this one.

  16. Lovelyimagesofthe Hummingbirds. through your bedroom window

  17. So sweet ! Succsessful photos !
    Greetings from Germany

  18. Great pictures! It’s cool how the photos enabled you to see things more clearly–and realize that there actually were two birds.

  19. I’m sure they’ll be back. I noticed one had a tiny GPS in his pocket.

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