Pea Soup At The Beach

After the busyness of Christmas, Motor Man and I decided to take a trip to the Outer Banks on Saturday.  It had been about a month since we last visited, and I was having “horse withdrawal”.

During our two-hour ride to the beach, we ran through quite a variety of weather conditions: sunshine, extreme cloudiness, mist and fog.  The closer we came to the Outer Banks, the sunnier the skies were, so we were hoping for a pretty ride on the beach.

Not to be.

foggy beach 12-26-2015 2-19-34 PM

We’ve never been on the beach in such foggy conditions.  It was rather scary, because, although it’s officially winter, our temps that day were in the 70’s.  That means there were folks walking along the beach.  And, of course, you never know when there will be horses down by the surf.  Thankfully, we only saw one person driving in what we considered to be a careless manner.

We didn’t see horses on the beach, but we saw several on the dunes, including this husky one all decked out in its winter coat. I’m sure these warm temperatures are making life a bit uncomfortable for the horses right now.

on the dune 12-26-2015 3-58-03 PM

I love the color of the mane on this one. This certainly looks like a winter photo, even if the temperatures were summer-like.

blonde 12-26-2015 2-55-21 PM

This picture also gives you an idea of just how foggy it was in certain parts of the area.

6 on the dunes 12-26-2015 3-56-37 PM

Motor Man and I both thought the horses looked stockier than usual. Perhaps they’ve gotten heavier in preparation for a severe winter?

two 12-26-2015 3-02-58 PM

And, finally, the old Wash Woods Coast Guard Station on a foggy day.

wash woods 12-26-2015 4-00-19 PM

Although it may not have been considered a “pretty” day, Motor Man and I found it to be an interesting drive on the beach. And it’s always a good day when we see horses.

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Pea Soup At The Beach

  1. We sure have had our share of foggy days in Virginia so far this “so-called” winter! Glad you got some horse photos anyway as I know you look forward to seeing them when you go to the beach.


  2. Nice to see the horses… they are looking pretty fuzzy. As in furry.. 🙂

  3. LOVE the photos. The fog gives a whole different mood to the subjects. And yes, we’ve really had a lot of fog and unusual weather. Who thought we’d have 70s and 80s throughout the whole Christmas weekend? …And those coats do make me wonder what the next 3 months will bring.

  4. I love horses with their thick fuzzy coats but I’ll bet they aren’t loving them with the heat. Strangest Christmas at the beach ever!

  5. Amazing photos Dianna – so different and mysterious. And yes, it sure does look like winter.

  6. Loved the photos. Those horses sure do look like they are prepared for the cold with their winter coats on. I really like that last photo — has an ethereal almost ‘ghostly’ look to it. Neat!

  7. The fog made for a unique feel for your photos that day – some of them do look wintry – definitely have to remind yourself it was in the 70’s ! I like that first horse pic – he has that ‘knight on a chessboard’ look ; )

  8. Love the fog photos.

  9. Like the other commentors, I like the foggy pictures! A nice twist. Glad you got to see them.

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Nice pictures, fog and all!

  11. Horse withdrawal–I imagine you were after a month! 🙂

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