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Feisty Gals On The Beach

Motor Man and I made a quick trip to the Outer Banks this weekend. The weather was perfect: gorgeous blue skies and warmish temps.

The beach was wide, smooth and, for much of the drive, we had it all to ourselves.

the beach 1-30-2016 1-22-21 PM

We only saw five horses on this trip, but it was far from boring.  Four of the horses we saw included this stallion, on the right, and his harem of three. (Only one of the girls is visible in this picture.) This was in an area just off the beach road. I took this photo with my cell phone, so it isn’t really clear, but I do love the colors.

horses by water best 1-30-2016 2-32-49 PM

As we watched, the girls made a turn towards the beach.

girls2 1-30-2016 2-36-23 PM

But waited for the stallion before proceeding.

girls and stallion 1-30-2016 2-36-30 PM

We watched as they meandered around a sand fence and through the “yard” of  a beach cottage. Obviously, it wasn’t their first time in this neighborhood.

meandering2 1-30-2016 2-39-03 PM

Although we couldn’t take such a direct route as they did, we drove over by the ocean and watched as they walked down the beach.

4 1-30-2016 2-42-28 PM

Just look at that woolly coat.

wooly 1-30-2016 2-43-46 PM

And, then…..apparently the girls had a bit of a disagreement between themselves.  I took this video through the windshield, so it isn’t really sharp.  But it is interesting.  Be ready, because the action begins just seconds into the video:

We were amazed at how quickly the stallion, using only body language, sent his girls in the direction he wanted them to go.

Motor Man sighed and commented: “If only it were that easy in the human world”.

~These Days Of Mine~