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Five Fun Felines For Friday

Oh, I hear the collective groan from my readers. Yes, there isn’t much going on  “These Days”. Things will definitely busy up once spring with her warm weather arrives.  But, today, I’m, once again, resorting to my photo archives for blog material.  At least our kitties entertain us year-round.

 1.) I look forward to relaxing in the evening in the recliner and working the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.  Occasionally, Sundae will decide to use that time to relax in my lap. This makes reading the paper and working the puzzle more challenging than usual.

sundae on my lap 12-14-2015 6-49-57 PM

2.)  Gypsy has a new toy mouse. But, right in the middle of playtime, a stretch just happened.


3.) Marshall sent me this photo recently of his kitty, Chessie.  She’d just emerged from under the house, and was wearing a souvenir (a cobweb) behind her left ear.  Marshall and I both think that, in this picture, she resembles Grumpy Cat.  She clearly looks annoyed.


4.) I took this picture of Marshall’s other kitty, Snuggles, doing his very best “loaf of bread” impression.

snugg the loaf 10-26-2015 8-14-59 AM

5  and a bonus) Several months ago, we saw this feral kitty behind our shop. We put out food and attempted to tame her.  Meanwhile, a nearby business owner and his wife took her in.  She apparently has some American Curl lineage, and is also a polydactyl (has an extra toe on each front foot). Recently, she was spayed and received a clean bill of health.  Her name is “Mama Kitty”.

curl eared kitty 10-20-2015 1-38-14 PM

And the bonus: her kitten, also taken in by the same couple.  She is semi-tame, and they’ve named her “Emmy”. What an adorable little face.

outback kitten-001

Have a good weekend. We’re expecting a little snow today, lows in the single digits tonight, and I don’t even want to think about wind chills.

~These Days Of Mine~