Daily Archives: February 17, 2016

One Little Sign Of Spring

Snow has been “flirting” with us for the past week or so. We’ve had a couple of snowfalls,  both amounting to a couple of inches or less. And that suits us just fine; just enough to look pretty for a little while and then be gone.

cedar 2-12-2016 3-45-02 PM

While it was snowing, I went out to take pictures.  I find photographing snow a little tricky, but so pretty when you happen to hit it just right.

fence 2-12-2016 3-46-12 PM

Once it stopped snowing, I happened to look out toward the marina: the skies were still gray, but somehow the reflections were vivid.

marina reflections 2-12-2016 4-49-58 PM

So, enough of winter; it’s time for spring. And……

jonquils 2-12-2016 3-47-26 PM

….she appears to be on her way.

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