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Appreciating Pam And Sam

Today, I’m participating in the first ever “Anipal Appreciation Day”. This is a blog meme offering an opportunity to write about your friends in the animal blogging world.

Because of animal blogs, I met my friend Pam.  She and her ginger kitty, Sam, write One Spoiled Cat.  I really can’t remember exactly when Pam and I discovered each other’s blogs, but it seems that, once we did, we instantly became friends.

You will, most likely, recall that Motor Man and I have met with her and her husband, Dave, on several occasions.  We usually plan to visit a town somewhere halfway between their home and ours, browse at a local antique mall and then have lunch together.

four of us at va bbq 12-29-2015 1-30-03 PM

We’ve also been to visit them, and they made a trip to see us a couple of years ago, so we could show them around our town.

db and pam1 9-30-2012 8-56-06 AM

And, although their kitty, Sammy, has many girlcatfriends in the blogging world, he and our calico girl, Sundae, have been on several (virtual) dates.


Our lives are different in several ways. Pam’s dad was military, so she’s lived all over the world, whereas my roots are deep here in southeast Virginia.  Pam is an artist; I can’t draw a straight line.  She is a published author; I struggle to write a blog. Pam’s a great cook; Motor Man and I eat out.

But, she and I also have quite a bit in common, not the least of which are blogging and the love of cats. And those two things, combined, were the basis of our friendship. Pam and I email each other several times a day. She is a special friend, and I’m so grateful to the animal blogging world for introducing us to each other.

So, even though my blog isn’t a true “animal blog”, I wanted to participate in this meme today.  One Spoiled Cat is a very popular and well loved blog, and, knowing Pam,  it’s easy to understand why that is.

If you don’t already follow her Sam’s blog, you should pay them a visit. Chances are, you’ll come away with a new friend.


~These Days Of Mine~