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Small Town Tragedy

When I was growing up, I don’t recall us EVER having a tornado in our area. It was just unheard of. Hurricanes, yes. But no tornadoes.

Then, maybe 30 years ago, there was a tornado in our town.  There were no injuries, and although there was damage, no homes were destroyed. But it was still scary to realize that it COULD happen here.

Since that time, there have been maybe three or four within about 25 miles of us.  I posted about one in this post in 2011.

Wednesday, it happened again, this time less than 30 miles (as the crow flies) from us, in the small town of Waverly.  That town is special to me, because my friends and I meet occasionally for lunch at a little restaurant there. The restaurant had some damage, but no one there was injured.

Others in the town weren’t as fortunate.  There were three deaths from this storm, including a 2-year old boy.

Motor Man and I rode to Waverly yesterday, and although we’ve seen coverage of the damage on tv, it isn’t the same as seeing it in person. One of the residents of this home was interviewed on the local news last night. He was there when the storm hit.

demolished 2-25-2016 2-59-14 PM

We were amazed at this huge piece of sheet metal/aluminum hanging from a power line.

sheet metal on power lines 2-25-2016 2-55-43 PM

A tree fell on this home, demolishing it.

tree on house 2-25-2016 2-57-26 PM

And debris is strewn throughout the town.

debris 2-25-2016 3-12-19 PM

Motor Man and I commented on how many tv news trucks we saw, and then we realized why:  we just happened to be in town at the same time our governor, Terry McAuliffe, was surveying the damage.

gov etc 2-25-2016 3-02-50 PM

The town was a busy place: electric company employees repairing equipment, National Guard removing debris. And The Salvation Army and The Red Cross: helping.

The area affected isn’t an affluent one, but supplies and aid are coming in from not only the local community, but other locations as well.

We aren’t meant to understand why things happen as they do, but it’s so easy to think:  if only that storm had hit a few miles away in an uninhabited area, maybe no lives would have been lost.

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